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The Last Case of Dr. Freud

Starring: Pavel Štastn? as the farmer
Eva Šulistová as the daughter
Denisa Petráková as the friend
Thomas J. Marco as Dr. Freud
Alexandra Wolf as Dr. Freud's nurse
Running Time: Approximately 30 minutes (with extras)
Review by Katrina

Let's face facts for a moment. We all have a personality "kink". We all share a fantasy or desire that "vanilla" people do not fathom. I suppose that we could benefit from psychological help. Yes, ..., right. Just put me at the end of the line.

The film opens as an old and scratchy piece of vintage footage would look. After all, Sigmund Freud lived when film was just being invented. It starts with him being wheeled to the farmer's house by his nurse. There, he is met by the farmer's daughter who helps him inside, there to find the farmer stretched out on the bed and lamenting about his "mental illness" to his friend, the vodka bottle.

It seems that the farmer has "imaginations" since likes to spank little girls' bottoms. How sick can you get! Really! We are all in trouble now. However, that little quirk of his personality does not appear until much later in the film. The film is about two different conversations that are going on simultaneously. The comedy comes from the interesting points where the two conversations connect. One person, the farmer, is talking about his "sick" desire to spank girls. The other, Dr. Freud, tries to understand the farmer and never quiet makes the connection. He takes what the farmer is saying at face value and manages to draw the wrong conclusions. This reminds me of the some of the old comedy sketches from days gone by, such as Abbott and Costello's "Who's on first?" The difference is that the farmer is not talking about baseball!

I must warn you that the film contains many "inside jokes" that would be understandable if you lived in that region of the world where the Czech language was spoken. If you don't, and I don't, then you should probably run the film to the end and read the translations of the jokes before you see the film the first time. Otherwise, you may need to see it a few times to appreciate the inside humor that is being discussed.

Let's get back to the film....

Dr. Freud and the farmer discuss his wife's death. It seems that the wife died from rectal cancer. At one point, the farmer was asked "Did you examine your wife after she died?" Well, perhaps that was a bit on the gross side. Breast cancer, lung cancer, myocardial infarction (heart attack), or even aortic amorism would have been better than rectal cancer. Still, I suppose that we can be happy that the daughter does not have that disease.

He has dreams such as plowing a field when suddenly he comes to an abyss, later referred to as a "cave". (The abyss is a vagina. However, he, the farmer, only knows about it.) The doctor, visualizing a rocky formation such as the one in Moravia, goes on to tell his friend that this is "a nasty hole and one that is always hard to visualize and why it is unpleasant for him". The farmer only says "I wouldn't really say that. I don't really find the imagination ugly." After all, he is visualizing a totally different cave. When asked if he can dismiss the imagination, he replies that he does not wish to do that. Then, perhaps, he can build a bridge over it suggests the doctor. The next scene is the farmer's visualization of a toy bridge over a lady's genitals. OK. I admit it. This is a bit gross. Even the farmer agrees that this is a rather weird imagination. However, that is the nature of this film. It is about two different conversations with different meanings going on at the same time.

The farmer then confides to the doctor that he "likes" his own daughter. The doctor immediately tells him that it is normal and that incest is as common as masturbation. This leads to a scene where his daughter, nude, is displaying herself on the stove. He lecherously sneaks up to her and the two begin to fondle each other. (You will have to see the outtakes to understand the scene and a bit of the humor.)

Later, he finds her and her friend playing with their birdie (masturbating). The doctor believes that the birdie is a child's bath toy, a rubber "ducky" bird. He is carrying a pear. (The pear has a meaning if you read the notes at the end of the film. I do not want to spoil it for you.)

The farmer then proceeded to lather them. (Lather is another term for spank.) They are switched, one girl at a time, lying prone on the same bench that they were sitting. The first is his daughter's friend, followed by his daughter. I do not know how many tree branches they broke, but it must have been a few to do the damage to their girl's bottoms. The bottoms resembled the caning of some of their other films, severely welted and bruised. By the time that the daughter's whipping is over, she is visibly shaking from the adrenaline.

To the doctor, the farmer simply applied soap to their genitals. "It is natural. Your daughter was masturbating and you cleaned them. That is an image of virginal purity and perfectly normal in incest fantasies", he told his farmer friend.

The film goes on with various scenes involving items such as a hard cake of soap on their bottoms; later polish; then twenty-five shoe polish containers; then he striped their bare thighs with a marker and a ruler; a few slaps on the panties with a teddy bear (now, that scene was funny to see a teddy bear put in a pair of panties and then being slapped back and forth!); and finally sawing his daughter and her friend with a tree saw.

Later, the father tries to suggest that the doctor wants him to beat his daughter on a regular basis "for medial (his) reasons". And, further he is to beat her on her naked butt. The doctor tells him, "yes, of course. It is beneficial for both." The father can now imagine the scene in his mind. He has his daughter, stripped nude from the waist down, over one knee and is whipping her with his belt. The daughter is crying in pain as the belt is used. She is telling her father that she did nothing wrong to deserve this. He says that it does not matter. This procedure was prescribed by the doctor. She can only cry out in pain while hyperventilating.

The film ends here.

Let's face it. This piece is a bit hard to follow. As a film, the picture is very good. As a spanking movie, well, Lupus has made better. But, the film is full of humor and is well played for all of the people involved. The piece is funny if you understand the "inside jokes" that are rampant through this work.

All in all, this is a good film. It is probably a bit "intellectual" as the nature of the film is not basic. It is definitely not a film of "see girl; see girl bend over; see girl get spanked". This piece has a large, and perhaps a bit over-done, sense of psychological intrigue to it that may cloud your appreciation of this work. Don't let that bother you. If you find yourself not understanding the humor, wait for the end when it is all explained to you. Then press the rewind button on your VCR and sit back to enjoy the humor of the film.

It is ripe with it.

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