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Directed, Written and Produced by: Janet Beckwith (A.K.A. Veronica Lord)
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

I feel compelled to reiterate that ordinarily the Girl Spanks Boy genre of Corporal punishment video is not really my thing. However the video " The Last Temptation of Roger" is so well made and powerfully erotic that I loved every minute of this superb production.

The story begins with Veronica ( A.K.A. Janet Beckwith) and her niece discussing their experiences with men. Veronica's Niece, who is visiting her aunt while on summer vacation, expresses a rather jaundiced view of the male part of the human race. She informs Aunt Veronica that, in her opinion, boys are nasty and perverse in their sexual demands. In response to her niece's polemic against men, Aunt Veronica tells her niece a most unusual story. Veronica regales her enthralled niece with a tale about the night she caught a man in her apartment. She surprised this fellow as he was rummaging through her chest of drawers containing several implements used in the administration of corporal punishment. After being confronted by Veronica, the intruder admitted to his captor that he has been enthralled by her for some time and that he had been stalking her. Veronica, being the good dominatrix that she is, sets out to teach Roger the intruder a lesson in manners. Veronica forces Roger to remove all of his clothing and put on a pair of pink panties. At that point she proceeds with the education of Roger. The tutorial begins with a severe strapping, proceeds to a vicious paddling and concludes with the swish of the crop. Veronica was convinced that Roger had gotten the message only after his behind is beaten to the point where it was a combination of fiery red and purple.

At about 3: 30 am there is knock at the door. Standing in front of the commanding presence of Veronica Lord is a young man named Peter. Peter is the apartment manager and he was inquiring about the noise emanating from Ms. Lord's apartment. He couldn't have picked a worse time. Veronica believes that Peter is ultimately responsible for the violation she had suffered. If Peter had repaired the window lock as he was supposed to she would not have had to endure the indignity of having Roger rummage through her belongings. At this point Veronica decides that Peter requires punishment for his failure to perform his duties. In due course, Peter is receiving the beating of his life. In an extremely compelling scene, the hapless Peter is strung up between two poles in Veronica's living room and is severely " chastised". Janet Beckwith A.K.A. Veronica Lord informed me that this story is based on an actual event and that she beat Roger and Peter so intensely due to her lingering feeling of violation.

This video is wonderfully erotic for its depiction of the severe punishment of two attractive young men at the hands of the beautiful and glamorous Veronica Lord. I recommend this video to anyone who is turned on by the punishment of two naughty boys at the hands of an attractive, dominant female who is expert in plying her craft.

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