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Lazy Maids

Starring: Nicoleta playing Susanna, the maid
Sara playing Tanja, the maid
Liana as the lady of the house
Peter playing Josef, the gardener
Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes
Reviewed by: Katrina

The film predominately opens with Liana, dressed in a smart business suit, located in what will be the main room for this little drama, sitting at the kitchen table eating her Danish butter cookies, drinking coffee, and pursing the latest issue of House Beautiful or the Spanish equivalent. She is joined by the two maids, Susanna and Tanja, reporting for the days work assignment. Instructing that she wants the house clean, she shows them the white-glove treatment that will be performed upon her return. Promising that they will see to their duties, Liana leaves them to their tasks. Their promise to attend to their duties lasted about five minutes before both seemed "hot" from the work and decided to explore each other's nude bodies.

It is in that state that Liana finds the two maids when she returns. The two lazy maids are immediately discharged and sent to their room for the evening; to leave the household in the morning. Finding themselves in dire straights, they can't return home a failure. Not only would they be beaten, they would be humiliated for having failed at even a cleaning job. Their solution, speak to Liana for a second chance.

As Liana is considering their apology and request for a second chance, she notices an African whip hanging on the wall. She promises them a second chance, only if they submit to a whipping. It took about four seconds for them to consider her offer, and they finally agree to the beating; to be held later in the day. They retire back to their room to wait for the hour of their punishment. Liana needs to summon the gardener for a "special task" as she removes the whip from the wall and promises to herself a whipping that they won't forget.

At the appointed time, the maids return to the room where Liana takes each one over her lap for a little, light, over-the-knee bare bottom hand spanking. The spanking is not hard. It is enough to make their bottoms flush, but not much more. After all, this is only their first spanking. Each has two more as we will see later.

During Tanja's spanking, Josef, the gardener arrives for his "special task". Liana instructs him to whip their bottoms while they kneel on the sofa. Josef, seems to be fairly proficient at his task, but starts out softly; so much so that Liana instructs him several times "harder". By the end, the whip, much like a stiff strap, is flying with a clip the approaches the sound barrier. Needless to say, Susanna and Tanja are not too happy being on the receiving end of this instrument with Tanja having a harder time of it than her friend, Susanna with all of the crying that she does.

After the whipping, Liana is still not satisfied. She extracts a cane from the potted plant. At his point the maids are given a choice to either strip naked or return home. She instructs Josef to use it on their now, tender, bottoms. Susanna is instructed to bend over the table and takes the two dozen plus cane strokes, with suitable expressions of pain, bottom wiggles, and the like with a fair degree of silence. The cane strokes are not terribly severe. They are mainly from the forearm. They are sufficient to leave welts on her bottom to match the whip marks earlier. Tanja's caning is a different story. With the first strike of the cane, she jumps up, grabs her bottom cheeks with both hands and exclaims "that hurts!" Duh, of course it hurts. That is the whole point. It would not be a spanking if it did not hurt. Still, she manages to resume position for the next stroke. The fourth one is fairly much like the first; stand up; grab bottom; scream; complain; and probably wish that she did not take this modeling assignment. Still, she resumes her position, this time being held down by Susanna in an effort to stay in position. By the time that this is over, she has a fairly well marked bottom. She is a "marker". She definitely shows the tram lines from a caning; even if Josef did not apply them with the force and vigor of other films.

Let up, both girls return to their room, still naked, while Liana impishly waves to Josef "We still have something to do." The next scene finds the two, bottom up, reclining on the bed and lamenting on each others bottom and the fact that the spanking, whipping, and caning hurts. They decided to plot revenge upon Liana and in the dream sequence that follows they sneak into her room and double-team hand spanking Liana's bottom. That alone is not sufficient. She is to receive the same whip in the same position. So, still dreaming, she is also whipped by the gardener. No, she must still feel the cane. The scene that follows is one of the best in the film. It shows Liana spread-eagled over the top of the table, both hands being held by Susanna, while Tanja holds her legs splayed wide. We are treated to a few up-the-legs shots of her naked bottom as the cane lands upon her toned bouncing bottom cheeks. Josef was standing to one side of the table, and for a few, she clenches her arms and pulls hard against Susanna where Josef manages to land a few over some exquisitely tender areas of her upturned bottom cheeks.

That was a dream. What follows next becomes reality as Liana joins the maids in their room wearing a flimsy teddy to offer them some lotion for their sore bottoms and a 10 percent pay raise. As she turns to leave, the two maids notice the fresh tram marks of a caning on Liana's bottom and smile to themselves, their jealousy satisfied with the pay raise and the sight of their Lady's bottom.

The second film from this company is an excellent work. This film is one of domestic discipline, with a twist. So often it is a man employing maids and the man spanks them. This is a refined lady of the house who, even to properly spank a girl's bottom, calls upon a servant to do the job. This company is located in Spain. For those who do not speak Castilian Spanish, the subtitles are there to help. It has very pretty models, some good spankings that are not harsh, and a plausible story line. I liked the film. There are films which have lighter spankings. There are films which have harsher spankings. This is an excellent, well-rounded, mid range spanking film. It has all of the aspects of a very good film and was worth the price of the DVD. I can hardly wait to see what this new production company produces next. I must revise my Spanish first. I wonder how you say "hairbrush spanking" in Spanish....

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