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Legal Penalties

Directed by: David Moorcroft
Written by: Trisha Williams
Produced by: Laura Mc Mahon
Director of Photography: Cameron Mitchell
Starring: Amy Denison
Shannon Carson
Lisa Wallace
Jennifer Mitchum
Sara Collins
Ed Bennett
Review by: David Pierson

" Legal Penalties" is clearly one of the best releases of the 2002 season. A terrific and clever script, superior production values and a terrific cast of lovely young women makes " Legal Penalties" an erotic experience not to be missed.

In this excellent production, Amy Denison, Lisa Wallace, Jennifer Mitchum and Sara Collins play the role of Paralegals who are accused of mailing an important document to the wrong court and thus endangering their firms relationship with a major client. The imperiled paralegals were required to report one of the firm's junior partners, as played by the stunning Shannon Carson, to "discuss" the matter.

Ms. Carson interrogates her beautiful young charges in an attempt to place the blame for this major faux pas. When the girls refused to accept responsibility for the snafu with the documents, the beautiful barrister informs the pretty paralegals that they will be spanked as punishment for this error. At first, the lovely legal workers protested this pronouncement. However, once informed that this would be the only way that they could maintain their respective positions with the firm, our heroines agreed to accept their punishment.

Later that day each of the girls found themselves on the receiving end of an intense spanking session administered by Shannon. First, each of the girls were required to bend over Shannon's lap for a hard hand spanking. One by one, the girls lifted their skirts or lowered their trousers to receive their punishment over the knee of the statuesque Shannon. Then, the crack team of paralegals were made to put their hands on the wall, thrust out their bottoms and the hand spankings resumed. After the hand spankings concluded, Shannon's legal lackey's were horrified to learn that they were to be further chastised with a leather paddle. Round after round of paddling ensued. Shannon let it be known that unless one of the girls accepted responsibility for the mistake this punishment session would go on indefinitely. Finally, Sara took responsibility for the error. Subsequently, Sara, the sassy legal secretary, was informed that as punishment for her transgression, she would receive twenty strokes with a strap, to be administered the following day.

Later, we find an exhausted Shannon working at her desk. Hey, spanking the staff can be quite exhausting! From off camera, a senior partner of the law firm enters Shannon's office to discuss the mater of the misplaced document. He informs Shannon that he has incontrovertible evidence that she had instructed Sara to send the papers to the incorrect court. The senior partner gave the lovely Shannon the choice of accepting a hard punishment with a paddle or resigning her position. Of course, Shannon agrees to the paddling. It wouldn't be much of a spanking video if she did otherwise, now would it? The beautiful Shannon was required to remove all of her clothes and bend over the desk. The site of the naked Shannon receiving an intense session with the paddle is incredibly erotic. As the nasty paddle made contact, Shannon's bottom quivered in the most enticing manner.

Legal Penalties is a terrific example of the best in spanking video erotica. A terrific script, superior production values and an attractive cast of talented young lovelies makes this production required viewing for all fans of the Spanking Cinema. Best of all, this story line is continued in Firm Hand Video's "Legal Penalties II: Payback."

Firm Hand Productions is clearly one of the leaders of the New Wave movement that is currently revitalizing the medium of the spanking video.

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