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Legal Penalties 2

Firm Hand Productions (2002)
Starring Shannon Carson, Amy Denison, Lisa Wallace, Sara Collins, Jennifer Mitchum and Ed Bennett
Written by Trisha Williams
Produced by Laura McMahon
Director of Photography: Cameron Mitchell
Director: Darren Baeza
Running Time 39 minutes
Reviewed by Ronald Scott

Legal Penalties II continues the extraordinary success of Legal Penalties, its predecessor. A clever script, beautiful girls, and great interaction between the cast puts this one over the top.

The video begins where Legal Penalties left off. The four legal assistants enter the room. Shannon orders Sara to remove her clothes for the 20 swats promised because Sara confessed to sending the client's legal papers to the wrong court. An atmosphere of cattiness pervades the room. Lisa tells Sara to not give Shannon the satisfaction of seeing her cry. The girls are smartly dressed like young businesswomen, which increases the enjoyment of seeing them punished.

Sara slowly undresses revealing her wonderful figure in a black bra and orange panties. She climbs onto Amy's back for punishment. She receives 10 not especially hard strokes with the tawse. Then the other three are forced to hold her down over a trestle for 10 more.

In the next scene, the 4 girls discuss how to pay Shannon back for making them suffer. They decide to report her so she gets punished. Next Lisa tells Shannon that Jennifer and Amy actually turned Sara in. (It's unclear what this has to do with the girls' payback plan). Jennifer and Lisa have a catty fight about this. So Shannon tells the two accused girls to bend over for more punishment; naturally she has her trademark smirk of satisfaction at having another chance to punish the junior staff. Then Lisa gets to strap both too as they bend over a table. The rear view of Amy's sensational figure bent over the table is quite sensual; the effect is increased as her voice breaks while she counts the strokes.

Later, Shannon accuses Lisa of lying about the other two girls and orders her to come to the office for more swats. Lisa sarcastically asks if Shannon gets a "sick thrill" from punishing other girls. Lisa is close to breaking after 20 strap strokes and confesses that Jennifer and Amy blackmailed Sara to get her to confess about the court papers.

Then Shannon gets all 4 to dress in sexy white tennis skirts for paddling for all the lying and deceit. Each girl faces the wall for her punishment in a nicely erotic scene. Lisa who was back-talking before quickly changes her tune and sounds like she is really suffering. Jennifer and Lisa's face shots during this are the erotic high points of the first half of this video. And when Lisa has trouble getting up for more strokes, Shannon is visibly elated.

Next Shannon and the Senior Partner agree that more punishment is merited for all the lying and cover-up. The four girls are marched in; Amy and Sara look especially alluring (and unhappy) in tight-fitting pants outfits. While the Senior Partner and the girls discuss why they will be punished further, Shannon bends a whippy cane back and forth in bitchy anticipation.

The resulting punishments are the erotic high point of the video featuring a sequence of anguished face shots with the other girls looking frightened and unhappy in the background. In between the face shots we see sexy views of the girls bending over the table. And the scene goes on and on; just when you think you can't take any more, you have to watch another beautiful girl removing her pants to be caned. We get to hear Lisa's voice breaking, watch Sara's tension before each stroke and Jennifer's anguished expression after each stroke. And Amy Dennison has one of the most sensual figures in all of spanking video.

The final scene is a reprise of the last one in Legal Penalties with Shannon getting twenty cane strokes from the Senior Partner for being the head of the cover-up; it however lacks the sensual impact of this scene in the first video. Finally there is a wonderful series of mostly humorous out-takes and behind-the-scene video clips.

The acting in Legal Penalties II is a real plus. In addition to all the catty interactions, Sara's concern for how much the other girls are suffering adds a nice touch not seen in many spanking videos. Jennifer has a wonderfully offbeat quality. And the face shots are just sensational! Overall I give this a score of 9 out of 10.

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