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The Legend of Lenny the Tough

Lupus Pictures (June 2007)
Directed by Zbysek Podhajsky
Story by Pavel Stastny and Thomas Marco
Lenny: Jan Zlatousty
Daughters: Vendula Steinova, Karolina Krasna, Renata Sukova,
Marie Dvorakova, Nora Potemnikova
Mothers: Suiza Janku, Alexandra Wolf
Czech with English Subtitles
Running Time 25 minutes
Guest Review by Ronald Scott posted 12/21/07

The Legend of Lenny the Tough features the usual bevy of Lupus beauties including Renata Sukova (a star of The Christmas Quiet) as well as two equally beautiful girls new to Lupus. Lenny is played by the redoubtable Jan Zlatousty (well known to Lupus fans from the two Wild Party movies).

As the film opens, a teacher reads from a book about Lenny, a war veteran who returns to Czechoslovakia in 1870 and opens a bar and store. He has lost his wife and is bringing up his daughter Mary. Shortly we see him giving a hard spanking to his cute blond daughter in his shop while a customer watches. She runs off and he tells her to remove her clothes. She strips and reveals a great figure. He then canes her but she keeps running off and he drags her back saying "Your poor mother would wonder what you have turned out to be !"

A woman comes in and says hello to Mary who is lying over a chair. The woman says her daughter needs proper punishment too and asks him to come over. He replies "I don't know; it's a bit odd". Next the camera cuts to the teacher who says this is a key moment in the story. He continues that Lenny is a "good neighbor" so he agrees to help out the mother.

Next he is in the mother's house with two frightened daughters. She says the daughters deserve 50 blows each because "they deserve it; they miss a man's hand". Mother commands the girls to strip. One daughter says "but mother I don't want Mr. Alois to see me naked". As he spanks that girl, who has an excellent figure, she cries out "it hurts" and he replies "that is why I do it". He then spanks the other daughter.

Later he is back in his shop now giving a hard strapping to another sexy but naughty daughter. Her cries and writhing twists under the strap are quite erotic. At the end her mother pays him and says "see you next week". Standing in the corner are several more cute daughters and their moms requesting Lenny's service. He asks for some rest and asks "am I the only one in Prague". After some discussion he agrees to punish one more girl, a cute blonde, Renata Sukova..

The DVD extras include 4 Bonus Spankings which are alternate views of some of the punishments. However, only a couple add anything of value to the original takes.

I give this movie a rating of 9.25 out of 10 because of the beautiful girls playing the daughters, the fairly severe punishments and the excellent acting by Jan Zlatousty as Lenny. If there had been face shots of the suffering daughters during their punishments, I would have rated it even higher.

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