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Lesson for Lisa

Year: 2003
30 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/25/09

An inconsequential little effort from CalStar, seems earlier than 2003; Lisa is a small brunette who begs to be taken in for training at a domestic service school. "I'll do anything you want." A tall powerful-looking blonde runs the school and surely did not miss the implications of Lisa's plea.

The blonde gives Lisa a maid's uniform and tells her to strip off all her clothes, which she does, slowly. It is the highlight of the film. A very exciting body, all of it. The blonde is seen waiting in the next room, flexing a cane.

Lisa's first domestic training is polishing a table; she's in trouble in 10 seconds and is immediately OTK on the couch. "Get your ass over my knee." Piink panties down (she must have snuck them back after she stripped earlier). This is the conventional struggle during a mild spanking.

The blond Domme sets her back to work, with pants down. She is instructed to keep her skirt up so we can see her "red ass" as she works, but they can't quite get the hang of the wardrobe. This phase is completed. "Pull your pants hand is time I will use the cane."

Lisa is set to work in the kitchen, and in a flash she squashes a tomato on the floor and has earned another spanking. The blonde brandishes the cane-"You know why I brought this here?" Over the kitchen counter, skirt up, pants down, Lisa must count out the cane strokes. 9 strokes, harder than Lisa was prepared for; A lot of trouble keeping her skirt hiked up. Her bottom, showing tan lines which suggest a mid-1990's date, marks immediately.

"You are not going to leave the school until you have everything right." A few more cane strokes, then a brief spot of tea, then 3 more solid strokes. Lisa is getting the idea it is going to take time to get the idea. "Thank you, Miss."

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