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Lessons at St. Winnifred

Length:30 minutes

This was advertsied as a series in Janus in the '80's. Probably made in the 70's; I have never seen individual tapes; this tape seems to be highlights; I suggest it is all you would need. Very modest, no frontal nudity or even peeks. Girls retain clothes mostly. Misbehaving British schoolgirls convened for punishment with the headmaster and student leaders.

Norton, the "Head Prefect," spanks a girl very hard OTK after the student has pulled her own shorts down. Fast, total pinking.

Meadows, a bottle blonde, also goes OTK. The head pulls up her leotard. Then the headmaster gives her 12 with a thin, whippy cane. "You're getting 12. I'm not going to hurry." Good and hard, distinctive marks, especially where the whippy cane wraps around.

The Head then tawses Lovett, who has an impressive bottom. The tawse has been padded on the business side, and a fragment flies off. An illustration that nothing quite bites in this video, except Slocum's caning, coming below.

Then the Head Girl, a thin blonde, is slippered by the don, with only the minimal buttocks area exposed. This director did not maximize the sexiness of half-masted panties.

We've been watching Norton's tail feathers and hoping she's been bad, and sure enough, she was caught in the woods with boys and it's her turn to drop knickers. She kneels up on a chair, panties down, for the tawse, and she doesn't disappoint.

Finally, "Head Prefect" Slocum is to be caned by the headmaster. She pulls her own pants down and bends over a table. The first stroke seems to surprise everyone. She shoots upright and grasps her bottom. "Yes..yes..was that too severe, my dear?" 17 more rapid and rugged strokes follow. A quality caning for sure, but should have been more theatrically drawn out, with more girl showing, but it was a zinger.

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