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Life Sentence

Guest Review by Sprite posted 2/22/08

Life Sentence is the latest production by Mood, set in a jail for girls condemned to life imprisonment and regular beatings.

No time is wasted at the beginning. The action starts from the first minute with a lithe prisoner being bent naked over a specially constructed metal frame and secured into a perfect spanking position, legs slightly apart so that we get a clear view of her milky white bottom. A young pretty prison guard in combat uniform steps up to administer a severe 50 stroke caning, counted out by another guard. This is a masterclass in the art of punishment with very hard strokes expertly delivered. The first 25 strokes cover both buttocks from top to bottom, each stroke showing the effect with the raising of vivid marks. Soon the overlapping of strokes results in the white bottom turning into a swollen mass of purple. Attention is then turned to the backs of the thighs which receive 10 strokes which can be counted off in the resulting parallel lines of red weals. With 15 or so strokes remaining, the caning returns to the bottom and with perfect aim they bite into the swollen cheeks leaving some very sore areas. This is a classic caning and the poor prisoner will feel the effects for some time.

A short period of dialogue follows when two human rights investigators visit to meet the governor. We see a cleaning routine of one prisoner washed down with cold water with a pressure hose, and a medical examination of another.

Very soon we witness a second girl bent over the metal contraption for a 50 stroke caning from the governor for the benefit of her visitors (and us) watching via a video link. This caning is more directed at the backs of the thighs than the bottom and as a result it will be several days before the unfortunate prisoner will sit comfortably.

Immediately afterwards a third girl is positioned and shackled for 50 strokes. This time the caning is shared by three guards. Two take turns to administer 10 strokes each and then the guard from the first scene returns to inflict 30 blistering strokes with a thin whippy stick. She adopts a different style with a full stroke and follow through delivered at great speed and accuracy. The screams from the prisoner and the resulting marks show the severity of the beating.

Finally, a pretty brunette with a slightly fuller figure receives a revenge caning from a fit lady who the prisoner had attempted to murder. The prisoner must regret not carrying out the murder as she receives 70 strokes delivered as hard as possible with the lady being urged by the guards to hit harder. The prisoner must have a bottom made of steel to manage to endure such harsh punishment with her skin intact.

As now expected from Mood, this movie is at the most severe end of the spanking spectrum. The camerawork is good with clear shots of the bottom and face of the girls as the canings are administered.

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