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Like Mother, Like Daughter

time: 47 minutes
year: 1999
Review by Mars 8/20/10

The sequel to "It's Your Responsibility," featuring actresses Miss Chambers as a disciplinariarn/headmistress, mother Mrs. Hunter-Ford played by Dawn Deacon, and daughter Monica, played by Catherine Crobett. You wonder what these three CP veterans discuss on lunch break--paddle thickness, cane marks, which bend-over works better, etc. Probably none of these; they rag on their men and the movie directors.

Dawn returns home from being spanked by the headmistress in "It's Your Responsibility" and tells her daughter Monica (Corbett) what happened and shows her bottom. "Oh, my God," by which Monica means two things--what a rough time her monther had and what a time she's going to have.

The scene is set for another girl-on-girl schoolgirl spanking, three locales this time and standard stuff. Monica is sent to her room. Dawn arrives with a wooden kitchen tool. OTK, handspanking, then Monica takes some care to erotically position her bare bottom over two pillows lengthwise on the bed for the wooden spoon. A little struggle but mild stuff-Mom doesn't have the heart to whup her daughter.

Next day they meet Headmistress Miss Chambers and we see there is plenty of time for some real action. Chambers checks Monica's bottom and is displeased--no progress at all! So Chambers will give her what her mother got--OTK. Corbett has slipped across a few laps in her time and does it with silky style. Miss Chambers is dressed in a black silk blouse and a short slit skirt--a bit provocative for a headmistress.

After a long handspanking, Monica gets up, Chambers positions a stool. "I'm sure you know what to do." She does, bare bottom high, hands grasp lower legs. With a strap, Chambers makes her count out 12. Her mother checks her bottom. "Oh, severe!" Not to Chambers, it isn't. "She's going to be caned next." "I'm going to give you eighteen, count them."

Chambers canes with a hard, wristy, short strokes she leans into, a concentrated demeanor, like serious batting practice. Monica rises at 9, rests, hands-on-head, then touch-toes for the final 9 and one for good measure. She sniffles and whines a bit (box art). Face to wall, pants down, marks to be counted.

You knew Mrs. Hunter-Ford was not off the hook. She is spanked OTK and especially doesn't like her thighs smacked. Full-swing strapping, hands on chair. Then the cane, "right over" the desk, 20 fast strokes, inset bottom camera in-synch with facial shot. Touch toes for another round--5 fast ones, and because Dawn Deacon has a proven big tough bottom, she gets another 12.

Mother and daughter carefully dress and leave. Monica looks marvelously contrite.

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