Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is still active and updating every week. I'm not really into F/M, so I'm not going to take out a membership for an updated review. Cost of membership is $24.99 USD for 30 days.

Review by John O'Connell 7/20/04

Lina's House of Discipline is the site all of you F/M fanatics have been waiting for. A hot woman that beats the tar out of men with a force of a car crusher. And, she does it in sexy clothes too. From a school girl outfit, to an authentic cheerleader outfit, to a business suit, to night clothes, Lina is a sexy as she is dangerous. The site offers six sections for members to look through. The first is the what's new area. I am a huge fan of what's new pages. The worst thing for me in this time conscious world to poke around from section to section trying to figure out what has been added in the last couple of updates. The only thing that would make this section a wee bit better is if they offered links right to that particular update. The section just tells you what area what updated and what files were added. There is also a Coming Soon area, which I thought was pretty nice. Gives the members a heads up on what updates will be coming in the not so distant future. Moving on to the gallery section, there are currently 23 photo galleries at the time of this writing. Each gallery is quite large with pages and pages of thumb nailed images. All of the actual images are crisp and in high resolution. (Did I mention Lina is hot?) Once you've been excited seeing the naughty men being punished images, you are ripe and ready for the video clips. Currently there are 52 video clips on the site that cover 4 different scenarios. The clips are all in Windows Media format. The quality of each clip is good and each file is roughly 5 megs to download and runs about 1 minute. The next section is called 1-2-1 Sessions. As a member, you can request Lina punish you. This comes at a fee, of course. There are some letters written by people who have taken advantage of this offer to give those interested an idea of what the encounter is like. Lastly, the site has a links section with selection of their favorite links. The site is updated every 4 days and costs $19.99 for one month. There is also a discount plan if you join for 3 months. Even though males on the receiving end does not tickle my fancy, I have to admit this site is well put together. If F/M is your thing, it would be worth stopping by and at least checking out the sample material.

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