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Lisa Must Be Caned

time: 25 minutes
Stars:Sophie Fennington

There are several summaries around, focusing on that last cane stroke (impressive), but no play-by-play reviews. If you have not seen Sophie take her medicine, seek this one out.

Ms. Fennington, in this youthful performance, is a thin, delicate, misty pale-eyed blonde, and as cute as you'll see in the genre. In this simple vehicle, she plays a naughty schoolgirl niece who is going to be spanked by her Uncle Brian, also an early performance by my favorite male discipiniarian, who I know can make a girl pay attention. And she's not just spanked, but paddled, strapped and caned to a fare-thee-well for most of the 25 minutes.

The delectable Ms. Fennington gambols on a tennis court (she can actually hit a topspin forehand) and idles on her way home, flashing some anticipatory panty, where she is summoned by Brian and read the riot act. He is seen reading a JANUS edition which features the real Sophie. She fidgets in her schoolgirl garb, a simple blouse, minimal wrap-around skirt, knee-sox and red tennis sneakers. These British film-makers create anticipation with simple cues. Sophie is a marvelous actress, and she knows we're not here just to see her wonderful face. She is distressed to hear she must be spanked. "Not my bottom, Uncle Brian. Not my bottom."

After some erotic pleading, Sophie succumbs and climbs over Uncle's lap along a couch, her skirted bottom pretty close under his face. From the first hand spank, which elicits a yelp, we know we're in for a treat. He raises the tiny skirt, to reveal white cut away panties, and continues an effective, thorough spanking. When he begins tugging down her little skimpies, Sophie reaches back in half-hearted protest, luckily to no avail, and we now have before us one of resplendent bottoms in the trade, accentuated by some lovely roving camera work. Her claims that Uncle Brian is a "pervert" and a "dirty old man" have the happy effect of in flaming the spanking. Her shy reluctant demeanor, eye contact, and sighing capitulation, all acting skills which heighten the thrill of her predicament, have earned her the deserved reputation.

Clever Brian. He has a small paddle close at hand. Already with a lapful of reddening surging red cheeks, he does a nice alternating stinging tattoo. This hurts more than his palm did. "I'm sure Daddy didn't tell you to do this....this went out years shouldn't be allowed." There is a gleam in Brian's eye, a focus we've seen develop in other performances. He says: "I think you like this." "I don't. I don't" Could have fooled us.

Sophie must stand, and quickly pulls up those pants. The ups and downs of those panties in this performance make a story in itself. Next Brian makes her kneel on a chair, the pants quickly back down. "You shouldn't be doing this, Uncle Brian." He lays on more hard handspanks, reuses his paddle, and in a un-British intrerlude, doubles his leather belt and straps her, some on the thighs. She's evading, twisting, bobbing, reaching back to shield herself, and altogether putting up a delightful sexy fuss.

On her feet again, but Brian is not through. A closeup of a beautiful tear-streaked face. "Get those clothes off. Down to your underpants. Quickly." "I can't do that....I'm older now." First it's the wrap-around skirt, then a slow overhead with the blouse. There is no bra and not much need. Wonderful moment. Sophie must get back over Brian's lap, now only in those magical cut-aways, which last in place maybe 5 seconds. It's more with the hand and the paddle. She's nice and pink and some bruising.

The scene fades to a climax. Here we have a pretty quivering little lady, in the merest of underpants, facing the obvious purpose of a round glass-top table. Brian whistles the cane. she goes over the table and stretches her arms wide, grasping the edges, arms out full-length, bare body against the glass, face turned to one side for the camera, a fantasitc posture. Brian flexes the cane. Is Sophie shaking ever so slightly at the sound? And the official anthem: "Oh, not the cane. Anything but the cane." What follows is one of the most thorough, non-brutal, sexy canings I can recall.

First, Brian lays on 15 strokes on the still-pantied Ms. Fennington. She's sniffling and sobbing. Good facial shots and undeniable weals. She's told to climb up and lay flat on the table. " I can't." "Oh, yes." Brian lays on at least 30 more, snap-snap, too fast to count. Sophie's in a state! Then, feet back on the floor, and pants down again (!), finally off, gone (and probably to th British Museum). "Let's inspect the damage." This actor has the most lascivious manner of tracing his lines. Another hard 20 or so, tears, etc. and that last one----zing! very Eastern Europe. Sophie howls. At the conclusion, she leaves for bed, stark naked, creeping out with a meek big-eye apology. Is that an invitation to be followed?

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