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Lone Tower AND The Prank

Directed by Dallas
Featuring: Samantha Woodley
Sierra Salem
Review by Pixie

This is a video for all lovers of hard punishment spankings and fans of Samantha Woodley and Sierra Salem. In this production you will see today's two youngest stars of the spanking video scene take their most severe spankings to date.

Lone Tower

Lifeguard Samantha has somehow forgotten the number one rule - Never leave the lifeguard tower when on duty. Having been caught away from her post to have a quick cigarette, Dallas gives the exceedingly cute Samantha the choice of being terminated or spanked like she was back in her basic training days. Lucky for us Samantha chooses the spanking.

That matter being settled, Samantha is quickly draped over Dallas's lap for a hard spanking with his paddle-like hand. It may be "just" a hand spanking, but trust me, this is no nice little warm up. As Samantha loses first her lifeguard shorts and then her white bikini bottoms, you can see that her buns are already almost as red as her cropped t-shirt. And in case that's not enough to convince you just how hard Dallas spanks, Samantha's pleading, bucking, and frog kicks are sure to do the trick.

Dallas doesn't seem to think that Samantha took her hand spanking in the best manner, and so when it's time to move on to the next round, he decides to mist her bottom with some water for a nice wet bottom spanking. Lying over a bolster pillow on the coffee table with a wet bottom that's about to receive a dose of a rather nasty looking strap, Samantha pleads that she was only gone from the watch tower for a couple of minutes. Dallas replies that it only takes 6 seconds for a person to drown (who says spanking videos aren't fun and educational?) and begins firmly applying the strap to Samantha's backside. A little more water and a fairly rapid application of a leather paddle leave poor Samantha squirming and begging forgiveness.

Samantha's not even half way through with her punishment when she is again taken over Dallas's knee. To Samantha's great displeasure, her bottom is once again wet down (aren't lifeguards supposed to like water?) and spanked with a hard wooden paddle. Samantha is squirming and kicking so hard that it looks like she is trying to swim right off Dallas's lap.

Next Samantha is placed on the bed for another wet bottom strapping, only this time with the heavy strap. After a few licks, Dallas informs her that she will receive 15 more and that she is to count out each one. Lucky for Samantha, she manages to negotiate her way down to just 10. The impact of each lick on Samantha's bottom is amazing to watch and her verbal and physical reactions let you know just how painful each one is.

Finally Samantha's punishment is nearly done. She is taken to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror for her final spanking with a wooden paddle with holes. This allows Samantha to watch as Dallas raises the paddle high and brings it crashing down onto her sore cheeks. But more importantly, this allows us to see not only her ever reddening backside, but also her facial reactions simultaneously. Samantha's butt is once again wet down and then dried off with 20 firm licks of the paddle.

Her punishment finally over, Samantha is allowed to rub her sore, red buns as the scene comes to a close.

The Prank

Sierra has been sent to Dallas for punishment after pulling a senior prank. Apparently Sierra thought it would be fun to steal the principal's car and while intoxicated, managed to plow it into another vehicle. Dallas swears to teach Sierra that senior prank is no excuse for her behavior and that, "pranks get you spanks".

Sierra is ordered to stand in the corner with her hands on her head. Full of attitude from the start, this does not sit well with her. After much backtalk and failure to comply with orders readily, Dallas instructs Sierra to then remove her uniform skirt and lowers her panties. When asked her opinion of the fact that she is a bare bottomed naughty girl in the corner, Sierra eloquently replies with a raised middle finger and a smile.

Due to Sierra's incorrigible behavior, Dallas skips any sort of warm up and goes straight for the narrow ruler strap. He quickly paints a lovely set of stripes on Sierra's pale cheeks, but in between cries of pain and outrage, Sierra is still full of attitude. When reminded to count and prompted, "Two, what?", Sierra responds, "Two, fuck you." Somehow I don't think that was the answer Dallas had in mind.

Next Sierra is taken over Dallas's lap for a lengthy hand spanking. This can't feel good after the strapping she just received and this is made apparent by much whimpering, pleading, and attempts to shield her bottom from Dallas's hard hand.

After a short break in the corner in which we get to see just how red and marked Sierra's bottom already is, she is ordered to get on all fours on a narrow weight bench. In spite of the fact that Dallas is about to spank Sierra with his heavy strap, she continues to have an incredibly bratty attitude. But once the strap is applied, Sierra is quickly sniveling and fighting to hold position.

Finally Sierra is made to lean over the spanking bench for a very severe spanking with a variety of paddles. After several repeated applications of two leather paddles, one wooden paddle, and a paddle with holes, the message that a senior prank is not an acceptable excuse for her behavior appears to be finally sinking in. But interspersed with the begging and pleading and sorrowful eyes are looks that could kill. Sierra may be sorry for what she's done, but her willful spirit cannot be broken.

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