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Long Arm of the Law

Guest Review by Isambard 1/15/10

This film is a little classic of British spanking, one of the finest works of the late lamented Ivor Gold..

The story is simple, and the endearingly amateur production values reflect the difficulties of producing material in the UK which the British Board of Film Classification won't pass. There certainly isn't the professionalism of, say, Lupus. We do know that at least the budget stretched to two cameramen, because one of them wanders into shot!

The film is set in a solicitors' office. Since this is a spanking review, not English Legal System, Lecture 1, all our American chums need to know is that a solicitor is a kind of lawyer who, among other things, draws up contracts for exchange of real estate. The limited budget means that the office is really represented by a corner of someone's living room, with a bookcase and desk in view. The latter stands in front of what is purportedly a glass partition, but is really a full height window (of which more anon), and on top of it sit a telephone and the first of two indicators of the venerable age of the film, a computer with 5.25 inch floppy disk drives. Behind it sits the male protagonist, Mr Burse, the senior partner in the practice, on the phone to an angry friend and client.

The reason that the client is angry is a major foul-up - a failure to carry out searches which would have revealed that a motorway was to be built right outside the property he has just bought. The two culprits are called into Mr Burse's office. They are a secretary, Julie, a petite blonde, who should have carried out the searches, and Michelle, a taller brunette, the assistant solicitor who should have supervised her. Predictably enough, given the choice between the sack and corporal punishment, the young women choose the latter, not without some petulant resistance by the gorgeous, and rather posh, Michelle.

Julie is first to be punished. She goes over Mr Burse's knee for a spanking, the back of her short skirt immediately rides up, giving a view of stocking tops and white knickers. Burse spanks her over the latter, and then takes them down before continuing the spanking. Next, he makes her bend over the desk by the window for a severe strapping. The final section of her punishment is a caning - just six strokes, with her bending over the chair on which Burse had sat earlier to spank her. So far, so good - a nice, if unremarkable spanking of a pretty girl.

We now turn to the real star of the show, Michelle. She is told that she bears the greater responsibility, and will receive a much more severe punishment. She's wearing a tight "pencil" skirt which she is made to lift. Since its design means it comes up at front as well as back, we eventually see the second indicator of the age of the film - rather more interesting than the computer with the 5.25 inch disks. The lovely Michelle retains a nice little "welcome mat" of pubic hair. Like Julie, Michelle first receives a spanking over Burse's knee. Then she is told to bend over the desk in front of the window playing the role of a partition. As she does so, a car is heard outside, and our heroine shows a remarkable ability to think on her feet, even with her pretty bum in the air. She asks Burse to draw the curtain, because his partner is in the next office. A remarkably level-headed response to having realised that she must be visible to the occupants of the vehicle outside! Burse then straps her, before we move on to the grand finale. Michelle bends over the chair for her caning. With penalty strokes for backchat, she takes twenty-two quite hard whacks, needing to ask permission to rub her bottom. While not of central European harshness, the caning leaves her bum with a fine set of stripes. At the end, she retains the sang froid to ask Burse for a partnership.

While rather hard to obtain these days, this fine film is well worth getting if you can.

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