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Love Canings 2: Night of the Canes

Directed By: Dallas
Edited By: Brian Mazzi
Starring: Dallas and Tiki
Reviewed By: David Pierson

Think of the opening to the song " You took the Words Right Out Of My Mouth" made famous by Meatloaf. ( Lyrics by Jim Steinman)

Male voice: " On a warm April night would you offer your bare bottom to the dark handsome man with the two gold earrings?"
Tiki: "Yes!"

Male Voice: " Will you give him your pain"
Tiki: "Yes!"

Male Voice: " Again, will you give him your pain?"
Tiki: "YES!"

Male Voice: " And will you cry for him?"
Tiki: "yes."

Tiki: " Does he love me?!"
Male Voice: "Yes"

Male Voice: " On a warm April night will you offer your bare bottom to the dark handsome man with the two gold earrings?"
Tiki: " Yes!"

Tiki: " One last thing."
Male Voice: " What is it Tiki?"

Tiki " For next year, do you think he'd go for a neck tie?"

On the night of April 30, 2002, Dallas and Tiki filmed this intensely erotic testament to their love for one another. This production was recorded in an historic hotel room that had provided shelter to many of Hollywood's icons of the past. Before a fireplace that had warmed the countenances of Clark Gable and Tipi Hedron, Tiki gave her lover the gift her submission and pain. Tiki and Dallas are in every respect a glamorous couple. She is the quintessential California girl; tall, blonde, tanned and drop- dead gorgeous. He is ruggedly handsome, with dark thick hair and sporting his now trademark gold earrings. Clearly the sprits of Hollywood's greatest matinee idols would be unperturbed by the presence of this new breed of Hollywood star.

This video opens with Dallas explaining to us that this video production is a testament of the love that he and Tiki have for one another. After a kiss, Tiki is made to bend over at the waist with her hands upon the mantel of the fireplace. Her shorts are removed so that she is naked from the waist down. Tiki is a tanned young woman whose white bottom stands in contrast to the rest of her body. Dallas explains to his lovely submissive that during this " Love Caning" she will feel the bite of eight different canes and a bamboo rod.

Soon the air was filled with the sound of a cane swishing through the air and Tiki's cries of pain as it struck her white bottom. Each blow of the cane was delivered strong and true. Dallas is clearly a master in the use of this frightful instrument of discipline. Soon the beautiful bottom that was once so very white is reddened with horizontal welts. Tiki's bottom jumped in the most erotic manner as the cane found its target. In this position Tiki was treated to the feel of eight different canes, each possessing its own unique capacity for the delivery of pain. This part of the session was concluded with several blows from a bamboo rod.

The second phase of Tiki's caning of love was initiated with her bent over at the waist touching her toes. In this position, the lovely Tiki received blow after blow with the cane. This part of Tiki's sacrifice continued until her legs buckled from the punishment she had endured.

When next we see the adorable submissive, she is on the floor lying with her midsection resting on pillows and her bottom thrust in an upward position. Dallas was now standing by Tiki's head and striking her already excoriated bottom with a whip-like cane, vertically. Soon, Tiki was bent over an ottoman with pillows underneath her abdomen to push her derriere into the most vulnerable position possible. While in this position, Dallas began to cane Tiki with varying degrees of speed. On occasion he would land several very hard blows in rapid succession making Tiki cry out from the pain. Tiki's gift of pain was concluded with her once again standing before the fireplace with her hands placed upon its mantel. Dallas was beating Tiki's bottom with a strap. After he concluded the strapping Dallas noted " and that was just for good measure."

This production of " Love Caning 2: Night Of The canes" is a wonderful erotic experience. While filmed in the DIY (Do It Yourself) style used by many of the amateur production houses (stationary cameras placed on tripods) the production values of this video are really quite good. The editing of this video is superb. However, that being said, what makes this production something special is the intimate feel that permeates this video. Dallas and Tiki are a couple and they practice power -exchange within the context of that relationship. With this video Dallas and Tiki gives the viewer a little glimpse into their world. Tiki's gift of her submission to Dallas becomes a treat for us all.

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