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A Lover's Discipline

Stars:Angela Faith, Brian Tarsis
Diected:Eve Howard

The best example I've seen so far of a co-educational spanking film, gentle enough to try to mimic. Angela, as "Jill," is a sexy little blonde who has been spending too much money. Brian, as her husband, confronts her, and it becomes clear she's begging for attention, and she seems to want it in the form of a spanking. After some brief eyelash batting, she's OTK, her skmpy blue dress pulled up, and a slow mild handspanking begins on white panties. "You'll need this on your bare bottom." "Not on my panties first?" Throughout the hour, Jill keeps up a sexy stream of coos, squeaks, gasps, and cries. Eventually her panties gather at her ankles.(Eve Howard always knows what to do with panties) and she is coloring nicely. There is nice caressing between spanks. The scene is clear and well-lighted and the sound is sharp enough to actually hear the friction of Brian's palm stroke Jill's smooth bottom.

Brian gets his hand between her legs; she is turned on; there will be plenty more of this. He gets a hairbrush, strips off her dress except for garter belt and bra, and the mild OTK spanking continues. He uses the bristles between her legs and at one point frigs her with one hand who spanking away with the other--sensory overload for her, I thought, until later.

Scene change---in the bar/rec room: Jill has recovered her panties and kneels up on a barstool for a mostly symbolic whipping with one of those soft floggers you see in the Dresden Diaries--no teeth. In this delightful position, Jill loses her panties again. Brian lays on a variety of implements--the flogger, a leather paddle, and the spanker/crop, all mild but erotic. Here's one I haven't seen--Jill is told to spread her bottom cheeks while Brian lays the spanker on her anus. She jumps when there is an occasional direct hit. Then Jill stands, hands behind her back, all her charms to the fore, while Brian very gently slaps her breasts and between her legs with his implements. She kneels back up on a barstool for more, with plenty of room provided between her thighs. She's taken back OTK for more handspanking--I guess those cheeks must been maintained at a certain temperature. She continues to frig herself big-time as the spankings continue. As a climax, as it were, Brian spanks her with one hand, gets a finger in her anus with the other, while Jill frigs away. Glory be.

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