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Lovers Play

Written by Bobbie Tawse
Directed by Dennis Hunter
Staring: Amber Michaels
Frank Fortuna
Review by David Pierson

Bobbie Tawse's Drop Seat Productions is, perhaps, the most unjustly overlooked spanking studio in the industry. Miss Tawse brings her own unique, perverse, vision of spanking video erotica to each production. It is time for all fans of the spanking cinema to become familiar with the work of this talented artist of the spanking arts.

'Lovers Play' is a wonderful and exceedingly sexy story about a husband's chastisement of his glamorous, Hollywood spouse for dressing in a manner most revealing. This production features the talents of real life couple, Amber Michaels and Frank Fortuna.

As Amber came home from a shopping excursion, she was shocked to find her spouse sitting on the living room couch. Frank immediately scolded Amber for dressing in a very short skirt and low cut top. He noted that he had warned her time and again about her manner of dress. He informed his lovely wife that she was to suffer the consequences for her misdeed. " Oh please...not now..Do it later!", Amber whined while rubbing Frank's crotch hoping to delay her punishment by diverting the blood from her husband's brain to his cock. (It could work) She noted that friends were coming to dinner and they might see her being spanked. Frank was undeterred by Amber's protestations. He commanded his glamorous spouse to stand before him. He instructed Amber to remove the short, sexy skirt that she was wearing. With a groan she did as Frank required. The sight of Amber's unclothed lower body seemed to change Frank's demeanor as she stood in the living room wearing only her stiletto heeled shoes. Prior to the removal of Amber's skirt Frank was clearly angry with his lovely, young wife for showing off her body to the world, now he seemed to be taking in the beauty that is Amber. His eyes lingered on Amber's exposed bottom and shapely legs accentuated by her high heeled shoes. Frank finally shook himself from his revere and remembered why his spouse was all but naked from her waist down in the middle of their living room. Frank stood up and placed his foot upon a nearby chair. He then made Amber bend over his outstretched leg. With her bottom in the air in such a manner, Amber was vulnerable to Frank's ministrations. She cried out and kicked as Frank began to spank her exposed bottom. After a time the spanking varied somewhat in nature. He'd apply several hard smacks to her bottom and then caress her red flesh in an amorous way. As the spanking went on, Frank made Amber stand up and spanked her on her legs and then her pussy. Amber didn't seem to mind the later. She let out with an audible groan as Frank spanked the area between her legs. She was spanked in so many positions and on so many places, she wasn't sure if she was coming or going. (Mostly coming)

After Amber's punishment in the living room was completed Frank decided to continue the chastisement of his lovely wife in the bedroom. When informed of this Amber pleaded. " No, Please!", she cried as Frank dragged her into the bedroom...literally. Amber was pulled into the bedroom while digging her stilettos into the hardwood floor. As this was a rented set, I'm sure that the owner of the house in no way minded Amber digging her heels into their beautiful hardwood floor.

Once in the bedroom, Frank brought out as gasp of horror from his lovely spouse as he pulled out a nasty looking riding crop. Frank initially stung Amber's lovely bottom with the crop. He found her wiggling and jumping about to be something of a turn on so her proceed to apply the crop to her thighs, breasts and pussy. After a time, Frank pulled Amber into the bed and kissed her hard on her labial piercings. The two engaged in an intense sexual encounter and the two eventually achieved a simultaneous orgasm with Amber straddling Frank, grinding her pelvis over his cock while having her bottom spanked.

After the fun and games in the bedroom, Frank decides to teach his fashion conscious spouse a lesson and required that she spend the rest of the day in a schoolgirl uniform. Amber was not happy with this and angrily told her husband so. Realizing that Amber had yet to learn her lesson, Frank took his wife over his lap, lowered her panties and gave her a hard punishment spanking. Following her spanking, a sobbing Amber was made to stand in the corner with her panties down, her well punished bottom on display.

'Lover's Discipline' is a wonderful experience in spanking video erotica. It' a fantastic domestic discipline fantasy and it is completely filthy. This one would really upset John Ashcroft. (Higher praise you will not find) If you want to see why Amber deserves her spankings check out her website at www.AmberMichaels.com. This is a fantastic video to watch with your lover. I know that I did. Do me a favor, don't tell my wife.

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