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Love Story

Produced by Pedro and Pablo
Written by Pedro
Pokemon as Sylvia
Mercedes as Andrea
Lara C Nord as Lydia
Review by John O'Connell

The DVD for this film has some extras on it that are worth mentioning before getting into the film itself. There is a short interview with Pokemon, which is kind of cool. There are also outtakes from the film which I enjoyed along with trailers for Mood Picture's other films. Ok, with that out of the way, let's get into the movie itself. The picture starts with our lovely blonde Andrea making the table for a candlelight dinner. The door bell rings and she opens the door expecting to see Peter, her boyfriend. Instead, it's some woman she does not know. A brunette woman named Lydia asks who she is and where is Peter. Well, it appears as though Mister Peter has been leading a bit of a double life and dating these two women at the same time. Andrea does not really care and tells Lydia to get lost before she punches her one. Lydia asks if they can talk since it appears as though they both are the victims. Andrea reluctantly agrees. The two sit and discuss about how awkward this meeting it is. Peter made indications to both that he wanted to marry them. The doorbell rings again and Andrea says if it's another girlfriend she's going to jump out the window. She opens the door to find Sylvia, Peter's sister. She enters and says hello to Lyndia. Andrea is shocked to see Sylvia knows this "other woman". Sylvia confesses that Peter tells her everything and that she knew he was seeing two women. To further complicate matters, Peter truly loves both women and it is breaking his heart that he must choose one of them.

So, this is where Sylvia breaks the good news. It will be up to them to decide which one stays with Peter and which one hits the bricks. Both girls profess their love for Peter and want to marry him. They tell Sylvia she must chose, which naturally she refuses. Then Sylvia comes up with an idea. Would they be willing to show their love for Peter in pain? She says the each can take strokes with the cane and the girl that can take the most, wins. The two are not fond of the idea, but agree. Sylvia tells them that each will receive ten strokes on the bare bottom at a time.

Lydia is the first victim. She removes her shoes and her jeans and then gets on a large cushioned chair so that her knees are on the seat and she is looking over the back. Lydia lowers her light blue thong to her knees and awaits the first blow. Sylvia lines up the cane and fires off the first 10 shots. Lydia gives out little moans, but for the most part handles the first set well. Then it's Andrea's turn. She removes her jeans and assumes the position, lowering her panties to her knees. Sylvia once again lines up the cane and fires off the first 10. Andrea took them well and was relatively unphased.

The pair swap and it's time for round two. Lydia's bottom starts to become visibly marked during the next set of ten and her moans become a bit louder. However, she is still composed and makes it through all ten. Andrea resumes the position and takes the second set with the same lack of emotion as the first set. Round 3. Lydia is starting to show some signs of wear. Bruising is developing on her behind and her screams become even louder. She refuses to give up and takes all ten of this round. Andrea takes her position again and remains very calm for the third set of ten. Despite a marked rear end, Andrea remains determined to win and is very focused on this task.

The fourth round has become increasingly difficult for Lydia. Her buttocks are starting to become deeply bruised and she winces after each stroke. She insists on going on and manages to take all ten. Andrea is just amazing. She handles the ten with only mild grimaces, but not a lot of reaction. The next round is leaving Sylvia feeling bad for Lydia and she tries to convince her to quit. She tells her Peter cheated on her and that she should just give up. But Lydia won't hear of it. Despite the deep marks and the pain she is feeling, she will not resign. Andrea starts to show some sign of emotion on the last few strokes of this round, but is still very calm.

Sylvia can no longer handle the task of caning them. It has become to emotional for her and she tells them they will have to cane each other from this point forward. They decide to only do five strokes at a time now. Andrea grabs hold of that cane and whoops Lydia like a woman scorned. Lydia cries out, but manages to mettle through the five strokes. Lydia doesn't really apply as much force as Andrea did to her, so Andrea remains cool and collected during her five. Finally, as Lydia takes the position again, she raises the white flag of surrender. She can not take another stroke.

Both girls took quite a caning during this film and deserve a round of applause. Peter, whomever he is, certainly is lucky. Another phenomenal production by Mood Studios. The DVD quality is also excellent, with perfect picture and sound. I can't wait for the next production.

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