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Lucinda's Confessions

Starring: Iris Cunningham as Lucinda
Annie Gibbs as Miss Clara
Ian Mac Allister as Uncle Charles
Simon Blackthorne as himself, the tutor
Written and directed by: Bethany Burke
Running Time: Approx 105 minutes
Review by Katrina

This film deals with a subject that I find fascinating. It deals with a fantasy of times gone by; of times where ladies (and naughty brats) wore split bloomers, long flowing dresses with their hair done-up. It deals with a time where the husband, or in the case of an un-married lady, her father had no trouble in taking his miscreant girl over his knee to apply a bit of direct on-the-spot correction of her attitude. Of course, none of this was openly discussed. Even the men did not talk about it. The ladies ... well, did not discuss it either but they all received it.

It deals with a fantasy. This film is not a spanking film; although spankings do occur in the film. The film is a movie; with a plot, characters, sets, and other items that make it a movie in the proper terms. Of course, we all know that spankings occur. That is the principle plot, but not the whole plot. This makes it different from an offering such as Red-Hot Video where the spanking is the plot.

The film is set in modern times and is a dream of a modern girl; a girl who wants to be taken in hand and corrected by a stern disciplinarian; to feel the sting of his hand; and to cry, promising to be good, but still be spanked.

OK, let me tell you that this is not a synopsis of the story line. If you want a synopsis of the story, go to the web site and read it from the author. Bethany does a better job of writing a synopsis than I could. This review is my impressions of the film. It is a statement of my feelings when I saw the film, and perhaps, a bit of insight that I may offer to you.

Let's get over the technical details here so that they don't get in the way. I viewed it from a wide-screen video tape. So, if you have a wide screen TV, then this should show up in full frame video. If not, well, here yet another reason to buy one. Lighting, sound, and all of that other technical stuff were excellent. There are no complaints in that area. I can offer you a suggestion however; if you have a DVD player then get the DVD copy and not the video tape. It has some extras that are not on the video tape.

Let me say that the girl, who played Lucinda, Iris Cunningham, would have been my choice for the fantasy role of such a girl back in the early nineteenth century. (You don't have to go back very far to find a time when it was not only legal/permitted for a guardian to spank his charge, but encouraged as well. I guess that we have come a long way since then. About all that has changed is the clothing style.) The period costumes are authentic. The settings are excellent. They are shown in an old New England Victorian style house.

However, the spankings are not hard. They are not meant to be hard. If you want a hard spanking video; one that shows a very red bottom then you will have to go elsewhere. This is a fantasy video. It is not meant to be a serious 'punishment' style spanking video. The hand, hairbrush, strap, and cane spankings are, for the most part, light. This does not mean that the bottoms do not get red. They do. What it means is that they are not "flaming" red. They are in the flushed category, rather than the bruised category.

If you wish to skip to the end of this review, things are very much different. The end of the movie is what moves this film from being so-so ok to very good. I will discuss more about this later.

The two principal girls are Lucinda and Miss Clara. Both end up with red bottoms in Lucinda's dream. Lucinda plays the "not-niece" principal character. Her Uncle Charles seems a bit young for the part, but Lucinda's age is proclaimed to be eighteen. He could be at most in his mid thirties. Still he manages to act controlling but not domineering.

I must admit that the part about "going back to the nursery" was a bit strange. It is just not "my cup of tea" to role play in that fashion. However, it was played well. Lucinda should have felt very much as a "child" with a shaved bottom and the clothes that she was made to wear. Her "nanny" could not help but starting things out properly with not only a shave but a sore bottom as well. Her choice of a brush for an implement was very much in character with the period. The spanking, like the others, was not hard. Lucinda's reactions to it seemed to be out of character and bordered on "acting" rather than reacting to the spanking.

This is still a fantasy. We must still keep this in mind. It is not meant to be a punishment spanking video.

Finally, Lucinda's pubes are soaped up and the nanny chooses an old-fashioned straight razor. This is not a safety razor. This is a razor that could have very serious consequences if either person slips. I wonder what was going through her mind. I do know what would have been going through mine!

Even Lucinda's mouth earns her a bit of over-the-knee bare bottom discipline from her Uncle Charles. By this time, her bottom has been warmed by the strap earlier in the day. Now, even the hand spanking is turning her rear-end a nice shade of red. Her facial expressions are beginning to show some considerable discomfort on her part.

The tutor, played by John Blackthorn (who was in the film "The Vacation" and other "spanklets" from Spanking Epics), more closely resembles a teacher of this era than in his earlier roles. He is not a handsome spanker; his face shows a bit of living on his part. However, men of this era did not just work in an office. They all showed a bit of living.

Needless to say, Lucinda's mouth gets her into trouble again. This time, she is introduced to the stick (cane), a typical school implement of the British Empire. The US schools used a "stick" or switch. The hand smacking was rather lame, but since her bottom was spanked only a few hours ago, it reddened quickly for even the light spanking. The caning is light, rather like a tapping at best.

The spanking given to the governess by Mr. Blackthorn was of a different matter. Here, since this was a single spanking, the nature of the spanking was harder. The lecture given to her by Master Blackthorn was soft. He explained that it was her responsibility. He made her feel guilty for letting the uncle down. As such, it was a spanking that she felt that she deserved. It was not a heated argument. As we all do, she tried to talk herself out of the spanking. And, like us all, she failed.

Then there is Lucinda's masturbation sequence. While watching masturbation is not a "turn on" for me, the scene is short and leads into the last punishment spanking for her. As such, it is a good "reason" and is within the scope of the times since it was considered as a "sin" at the film's period. (Lucinda would have better results if she tried masturbation with a sore bottom. But, that is a different story.) Finally, the strapping is hard enough to be qualified as a real strapping.

The last spanking is what makes this film great. It, above all, finally does things "right". No, I am not referring to a hard punishment spanking. I am not referring to any punishment spanking. I am referring to an erotic, sensual, sexual spanking. The uncle finally comes to terms with Lucinda and drives her between the fine line of pain and pleasure. She is taken to the little spot in her mind where the punishment becomes pleasurable.

This is accomplished with a light spanking and a rather copious amount of, shall we say, wandering fingers. The result is one of pleasure. The slaps of the spanking are very slow. They are firm, but not hard. As a result, Lucinda orgasms, visibly, at least three times during the spanking.

Unfortunately, the dream ends after that spanking. The ending is cute with the man representing the imaginary uncle in her dreams being her real-life employer. It is strange that she has not seen her employer, but imagines him in her dreams. Well, perhaps there is hope for her fantasies yet. There is always the boss/employee scenario.

The film, as I indicated, is not a hard spanking film. It is a fantasy film. As such, it is well done. The acting is realistic. The scenes are realistic. The spankings are light but do make her bottom red in the end. I like the film. It is a good film for the imagery. Besides, if it be known, "period" pieces are a fantasy of mine. I love them. I love putting myself in the aspects of some girl back a hundred or two hundred years. So, if this is your style of fantasy, then do what I did. Get it and dream. Watch the film. Then curl up with a warm comforter, hot chocolate, and fall asleep; there to dream of meeting your stern uncle and submitting to his will. You too might end up waking up with a warm bottom.

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