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M/F reviewed by the webmaster

Like many videos from this company, the video starts off with an interview of the soon to be spankee. The interviewer asks her various questions about her experiences with spanking. She is a pretty good looking young blond. First, he has her remove her jeans and lay accross his lap. He takes down her gray panties and begins the hand spanking. He stops every once and a while to move the camera into a different angle. This guy delivers a pretty hard ' spanking. He then has her get up and bend over the couch, where he spanks her with a wooden spoon. Again, he stops periodically to change the camera angle. She is then over the couch again for the final punishment, which is a correctional paddle. All in all a pretty good tape. I think they do a pretty good job, considering there isn't much professional equipment. The video is approximately 30 minutes.

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