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Maid For Caning

48 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/5/10

Two separate spanking sequences in a household where corporal punishment is top-of-mind, and the participants know how to do it. In the first segment, Becky, an attractive brunette maid, has great authority--she awakes the daughter of the household, blond Beatrice, to hustle her along to school. Beatrice is slothful, sassy and disrepectful.

"Your father has given me complete permission to discipline you." Becky makes a call. Beatrice hears the facts, and we're ready to begin. In the living room, Beatrice drops her pj bottoms to display leopard panties, and when the maid takes them down--"What are you doing?"

The randy Becky knows the contents of the house. "Your father told me he keeps a lot of paddles in his closet." Beatrice is cornered, pants down, while the maid returns with a load of paddles and canes. Hard slapping with the oval paddle, echoes. Standing, Beatrice knows to hold her pajama top up out of the way. She must turn and face us for a lecture, exposing herself. The floppy leather paddle elicits louder cries.

"I'm going to give you a caning, what your father expressly asked for." Beatrice is helpful again, keeping her top raised and her bottom out, all without request. Only 8 strokes, but they are very hard and rather wild. She is sent to dress for school and sobs as she prepares.

This is a spanking household. The lady of the house returns from a trip with her sister Michelle in tow. Since Michelle is going to stay over awhile and can assume some of the duties of watching over Beatrice, Becky's services are terminated.

The sisters chat about married life. Beatrice's mother admits to her sister her husband spanks her (we've seen the implements!). Michelle's ears perk up. "Did you not get turned on?" They have some delicious sister-like chatter about being spanked. Michelle admits: "I've experienced it with a boyfriend. It's quite good."

The girls decide to experiment. Michelle, trim and compact, with a frosted-blond shag cut agrees to go OTK, but they need her jeans down, so she happily stnads and does it herself. Sis' handspanking is mild but sexy. Michelle: "I'm beginning to like this more and more," her frilly white panties come down--that will help. Sis even suggests that maybe her husband should give Michelle a spanking--he's so good at it and Michelle clearly likes it more than she does.

To the couch, the oval paddle meets the big solid bottom, kept full-screen. There is some gasping and cooing as Sis rubs Michelle's bottom. Sis is having her fun. She wooshes the cane. "Bet you're looking forward to this, hey?"

She begins a long caning sequence--almost 40 strokes are shown, repeats, the worthy bottom full-screen. Michelle gasps. "Go on, do it as hard as Brian did it to you." Suddenly Sis remembers-Michelle's erstwhile boyfriend was her husband Brian's brother. CP is in their DNA.

Michelle will be looking after Beatrice, who is headed for some interesting times.

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