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Directed by Michael Masterson
Written by Michael Masterson and Jacqueline
Starring: Jacqueline (Miss J)
Dee (Lady D)
Michael Masterson (Mr. M)
Review by David Pierson

'Maid for Punishment' is a masterpiece of erotic film making. This is a powerful film that explores the darkest of human sexual desires... the passionate need to dominate or to be dominated. Some take their pleasure in the domination and humiliation of the objects of their sexual longings, while others find their satisfaction on the receiving end of a leather strap.

In many ways 'Maid for Punishment' has the feel of a great erotic novel. It puts me in the mind of 'The Story of O' by Pauline Reage or 'Topping From Below' by Laura Reese.

As with any groundbreaking work of art, 'Maid for Punishment' will entertain, titillate and disturb you.

An alternative title for this film could have been 'Jasmine's journal'. (My wife proposed 'Jasmine's Tail) It is she who provides our narrative for this story through her entries into her diary.

As the film opens, Jasmine is being transported to the palatial home of her new employers. She and two other girls (Jessica and Jennifer) had been hired to work as maids for a wealthy young couple. The terms of the employment contract was rather unique. It seems that a maid's primary duty at the estate was to satisfy the sadistic desires of the decadent Jacqueline and Michael, the aforementioned wealthy young couple. The idea of this form of subjugation was a complete turn on for the lovely Jasmine. She and her two co-workers were to be paid two hundred dollars per week with a one hundred thousand dollar bonus after completing one year of service. As she approached the home of Jacqueline and Michael, Jasmine contemplated her life of servitude. In her journal she lamented over not having shaved better that morning. Upon her arrival at the home of Jacqueline and Michael, Jasmine was greeted by Jacqueline's personal assistant, Dee. "Come on in...everybody's here." Dee said with a warm smile. Dee escorted Jasmine to the "Maid's Quarters". There, she was introduced to the other members of the house staff, Jessica and Jennifer. (Apparently they only hire girls whose name begins with J) Soon, each girl was given her maid's uniform. Clearly, these costumes were not designed with house work in mind. Low cut blouses, short skirts and stockings that ended at the top of the thigh made it clear that these girls were on display for the pleasure of the Mistress and Master of the house. Once properly attired, the girls were taken to be inspected by Jacqueline. As Jasmine, Jessica and Jennifer were marched into the room, the mistress of the house was sitting on a couch reading a magazine. She did not acknowledge the presence of her servants until Dee made a formal presentation. Only then did Jacqueline deign to raise her head and gaze upon her new playthings. Jacqueline was a striking and fearsome presence. Her spectacular physique, her wild, long blonde hair and her graceful, yet powerful movements made her appear like a predatory jungle cat and the petrified girls .... Her prey. "How lovely", she noted with a snarl as she inspected her "staff". With a regal air, Jacqueline instructed Jasmine to bend over at the waist. In these "uniforms" such a maneuver would expose the maid's bottom for all to see. Jacqueline circled around her pets with a lustful gaze. She suddenly pulled Jessica forward and exposed her pert, young her nipples a pinch before allowing her to cover up.

It was the next morning when the maids first experienced the wrath of Jacqueline. Jasmine and Jessica were busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast when the mistress of the house arrived. "Dee! Dee what time is it?", the fearsome Jacqueline demanded. "It's about 7:04", Dee responded. Noting that Jennifer was missing Jacqueline demanded that Dee fetch her immediately. Jennifer was dragged from her bedroom and made to bend over a table in the kitchen. Her skirt was pulled up and a severe hand spanking was administered by Dee. As Jennifer was being punished it was clear that Jasmine and Jessica experienced a combination of fear and sexual excitement. Later, as she was making an entry in her journal, Jasmine fantasized about what it would have been like to "be the first punished...the first humiliated."

As time went on each of the girls would know the experience of pain and humiliation. One day, as Jessica was dusting in the living room Michael asked her if she had washed his car. "Oh no sir. I'm sorry..I forgot", Jessica replied with a tremor in her voice. Soon, Jessica found herself over Michael's lap as a leather strap was applied to her nearly naked bottom. As Michael applied the leather to Jessica's bottom she cried out in pain and tears rolled down her face. Later, a somewhat jealous Jasmine wrote in her diary "what does a girl have to do to get into trouble in this place?"

The next day, while she was working in the vicinity of the master of the house, Jasmine intentionally threw a vase to the floor, breaking it into a thousand pieces. "Oh, I'm sorry sir" Jasmine said as Michael looked up. Without a word of instruction from Michael, Jasmine fetched a black rubber strap and bent over in the middle of the living room for her punishment. The punishment that she so desperately needed and desired. Her chastisement was fearsome and thoroughly fulfilling. "I love the feel of a strong man's touch" Jasmine entered later in her journal while touching the bruises on her bottom.

In one of the film's most powerful scenes Jasmine, Jessica and Jennifer were assembled in the living room. Sitting on a couch in the middle of the room were the mistress and master of this house of mirth. Under the pretext of some violation of house rules, the girls were to be punished severely. In reality, the girls torment was to be that evening's parlor entertainment for Jacqueline and Michael. Jessica was the first to perform for her masters. She was required to bend over. Her panties were lowered and her naked bottom was beaten with a strap- paddle by Dee. Jasmine was next and Jennifer soon followed. As the maid's naked bottoms were being excoriated by the harsh implement of discipline the girls were required to maintain eye contact with Jacqueline. Jacqueline took in each ounce of pain, fear and humiliation that Jasmine, Jessica and Jennifer experienced by peering deeply into their tear stained eyes. Upon inspection of her slaves bruised bottoms Jacqueline ordered further punishment for the girls and entertainment for her.

Fear flashed in the eyes of the lovely servant girls. They barely made it through the last ordeal. Soon, for the pleasure of the Mistress and Master of the house each of the young lovelies received twelve hard stokes with a cane.

During their months of servitude it was common that a girl would be summoned by Jacqueline to satisfy her sadistic lust. It seems that she was most attracted to Jessica. One evening Jessica was summoned to her Mistress's lair. There, she was bound with leather restraints and weighted ornaments were fastened to her nipples.

Jasmine was jealous of the "attention" given to Jessica. "What's wrong with me? Why hasn't Jacqueline hasn't summoned me", Jasmine despondently wrote in her journal.

One day Jacqueline confided in Dee that she was bored. None of her charges had required discipline in some time. A plan was hatched to remedy that situation. The girls were given a time when they would be allowed to use the indoor pool. Their pool time was to never intersect with that of Jacqueline's. As the young ladies frolicked in the pool Jacqueline suddenly appeared. The servant girls attempted to explain that Dee had given them permission, but Jacqueline would not have her fun spoiled. Each girl was made to bend over a porcelain fixture by the pool and their bikini bottoms were lowered. Their torment started with a hand spanking by Dee and progressed to a series of strappings at the hands of the dark mistress. Hard leather on wet, cold skin is almost unbearably painful. The girl's plaintive cries could be heard throughout the house.

Not satisfied, Jacqueline required that her little playthings remove what little clothing that they had on. She had them stand on the edge of the pool. Each girl was given several had whacks of a wooden paddle. When their punishment was completed each girl was pushed into the pool.

As the film closed Jasmine had finally gotten the attention from Jacqueline that she sought. In her Mistress's lair she was bound to two posts. She was flogged, beaten with a leather paddle and was throroughly fulfilled.

'Maid for Punishment' is a spectacular achievement for Films. Once again they have changed what I thought possible in a corporal punishment film. The film making technique was fantastic. Recently Mr. Masterson has started using a more intimate style of videograhy. The cast of 'Maid for Punishment' was superb. I feel that a dominant star was born with the virtuoso performance given by Jacqueline. Her role as the sadistic Mistress of the house sent shivers up my spine. Jasmine has also emerged as a submissive star of the genre in this, her second outing in a Films production. This young lady simply exudes sexuality. She is now ready to take her place along side's already established stars. Jessica, Jennifer and Dee were fantastic in their roles and were key to making this film the achievement that it is.

In the world of spanking video erotica, to quote Bob Dylan, "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows". That powerful gust is coming from Denver, Colorado.

Editor's note: 'Maid for Punishment' is available on DVD and VHS formats. 'Maids' is a two DVD set. Disc A contains the film itself. Disc B contains many very tasty extras. You get a glimpse into the making of 'Maid for Punishment' in the "Behind the Scenes" section. You also have the option of viewing the punishments of Jasmine, Jessica and Jennifer from front, back and split screen perspectives. On VHS tape you get the film and the "Behind the Scene' feature.

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