Maid For Spanking

length:60 min
released: 2002
Reviewed by John O'Connell, the webmaster.

Maid for punishment is a video that takes on the familiar "spanking the maid who doesn't do a good job" theme. This one, however, gives a little more background leading into the scenario so you are enveloped into the scene as it unfolds. The video begins with our cute blonde arriving at Mr. Kelley's house. She is dressed in the traditional maid outfit, complete with mop and bucket. Mr. Kelley lets our maid into his home, where he expresses his dissatisfaction with the other employees that her company has sent over, and she promises to do a good job. Mr. Kelley then gives her the tasks for the day, which include cleaning up the living room, which was a mess from a party he had the night before, clean up oil underneath this motorcycle, and to do the laundry which was piled up on the floor in the laundry room. Simple enough. He informs her that the check is on the table, thanks her for the service, and exits the house to go to work. She peeks out the blinds to see if he has left, and around the same time her cell phone rings. She chats for a little bit and decides to put her feet up and watch a little TV before getting to the work at hand. Well, wouldn't you know it, our poor tired darling falls asleep before she could even fill the mop bucket with water. Day turns into night, and Mr. Kelley returns home from his long hard day at work. Needless to say, he's not to happy to find out that merry maid didn't do a damn thing all day. She wakes up to him yelling at her and is very apologetic, saying she'll get to work right now. Too late missy, the deed has been done and it's now time to pay the piper.

Mr. Kelley brings our young blonde over his knee, lifts up her skirt, and beings a severe hand spanking over her see through black panties. He explains his frustration with the incompetent people in her organization and that she needs to learn a few things about the working (underline work) world. She keeps telling him that she is sorry and will go do the chores right now, but it's just too late. He's had it with the lazy maids and is going to teach her a lesson about responsibility. After a few minutes, he slides her panties down just below her butt cheeks and begins his assault on her bare butt. He says that she's a lazy young lady that tries to take advantage of every situation that she can find. He's really ticked, and he's not going to take it any more. He continues his spanking on her bare behind for quite a while, with her interjecting every so often with I'm sorry and promises of doing the chores right now and getting it done right. But, her pleas fall on deaf ears.

Mr. Kelley lets her up and brings her into the area where the motorcycle is. He is disgusted, but not surprised to find that the spilt oil on the floor is still there. She drops to the floor and begins to clean it up, but he informs her it is far to late for that. He now has a paddle in his hands and is ready to "kick it up a notch" as a certain famous chef would say. He bends her over the handle bars of the motorcycle and starts the paddling over her panties. She lets out a sigh of pain with every smack. She had been relatively quiet with the ooohhh and aaahhhs up to this point, but that is about to change. He paddles her panties for a while, then pulls them down for some bare butt action. Unlike like some paddling scenes I've seen before, he doesn't spend a lot of time talking in-between swats. It's just whack, whack, whack and he talks while he's doing the spanking. He then removes her panties completely and brings her over to the couch where she is made to kneel while facing the couch. He continues his onslaught with the paddle, turning her bottom a nice shade of red. He decides this isn't good enough, so has her sit on the couch and puts her in the diaper changing position, for all the world to see. He continues the bare bottom treatment with the trusty paddle for several more minutes, leaving her near tears. But wait, there's more. He asks her about the laundry and the look of "oh shit" comes across her face.

On to the laundry room my friends, on to the laundry room. She starts to frantically put the clothes in the washer, but sorry my dear, time has past for that. Mr. Kelley leans her over the washer and spanks her with a foxtail brush. You know, one of those heavy duty brushes for cleaning up after sweeping the floor. Like the paddle, this is an onslaught of whacks, just one after the other after the other. She continues her pleas, but holds up like a trooper. Then, it's diaper changing position on the washer. That's right, a little more humiliation for our naughty maid along with a little more pain. Mr. Kelley is going to make sure this girl never falls asleep on the job again. I would bet she won't fall asleep for a few nights, at least while on her back. He lets her down and she puts more laundry in the machine. Surely this is it, there can't be anymore. Well, he decides to give her one more go around to make sure his point is made. He leans her up against the wall and hand spanks her bare bottom one last time. She would paint his house by hand at this point just to make him stop. But, he's not quite convinced, so he tops of the video with another round with the foxtail before finally letting her go home. This video was great. I'm not usually into the employer/maid scenarios, but this one was fabulous. The set was authentic, the spanking action was very good, and the quality of the tape itself was not bad either. At $24.99 for an hour video, you can't really go wrong. They are also having a special right now where you can get all 3 of their videos for $49.99.

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