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Maid of Dishonour

45 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR posted 7/23/10

Girls can be meaner, we thought we would affirm that adage. Here, the actress Laura Michaels plays the prospective bride, nips at champagne with 2 of her bridesmaids and close friends. She brags that her husband-to-be is a virgin. Unfortunately, her brunette friend had sex with him two weeks ago in a drunken roll and confesses it. Laura is going to give her friends a "damn good spanking."

The brunette is willing and wants catharsis, to "get it off my chest and make me feel better." A roasted bottom will tend to do that, we know from vast research. She voluntarily removes her trousers, down to black polka dot panties, doing a full bend-over center-screen to solidify her acting qualifications. the handspanking is not hard, panties down, and there are too many "ow's."Over a chair, Laura can't quite lay it on hard enough with the oval paddle. The brunette's bawling is silly.

Laura switches to the floppy stingy paddle while her blond bridesmaid looks on nervously, knowing she is on deck. Suddenly we see the emotion holding this together. Laura stoops, kisses, and licks the brunette's reddening bottom. Off with the brunette's tie-dyed T shirt; huge boobs the hit of any party; Laura removes her bra without a blink and helps herself playfully to handfuls.

Now for the cane, back over the chair. "Oh no, not the cane. It hurts like hell." 20 moderate strokes, repeats, but nice naked jumping-around, grabbing and rubbing. She is told to dress and is chased off.

Now for the blonde, played by actress Jamie Woods. She drops her pants herself. Her tight transparent black panties highlight the OTK posture. Laura takes the panties down--Jamie's hard buttocks provide the gap between her legs the camera exploits. Handspanking, then over the chair, legs open, the camera zooms from below. Jamie screams authentically under the paddle and Laura taunts her, kissing and caressing.

The cane for Jamie. "Oh, God. Oh, God." About 20 strokes. She jumps up, skaking her hands in choked pain, a gesture we've seen in realistic canings elsewhere, where the actress struggles to settle herself down for the next stroke, to accept what she must. Entertaining, non-prototype reaction to rattan. When she is finished, she turns to give us a leisurely frontal as Laura paces in triumph.

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