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Fetch the Cane

24 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/10/08

Brief Imprint. A theme which has amused us before--a temporary employment agency maid gets jumped by her lesbian employer.

Nichole, a striking pale-skinned raven brunette, with an undiscernable accent (foreign girls seem to resist less when their pants are pulled down), reports for housework. The madame, a tall frizzy no nonsense dark blonde we have seen in other films, doesn't hesitate and explains she gives spankings on the spot if the work isn't proper and shows Nichole her cane. Nichole takes this in stride but doesn't care to look at the cane.

Nichole is sent to change for work; we have the voyeur crack-door view of her naked as she puts on rather dramtic clothing for housework. The madame decides she needs to give Nichole a taste of the cane NOW lest there be any misunderstanding. Nichole is puzzled.

A brief illustration of how the kitchen works, then Nichole is encouraged to bend over a counter, her dress pulled up, for two sample licks from a cane on her mostly bare bottom, in that the scanty panties she just put on don't cover much. Back to work.

In a nonce, Nichole loses a spoon down the garbage disposal, madame is attracted by the commotion, and Nichole finds herself OTK, for the real thing this time. Her pants are pulled off in a cute struggle; after some spanking, she is sent into the next room to retrieve the cane--a nice submissive touch. Her long dress falls back to cover her bottom.

Madame has Nichole kneel on the floor, bottom up and head down, while she canes the elevated buttocks from a sitting position. Short swift snaps, about 20, and they must have stung, because Nichole has a very difficult time keeping her bottom centered and holding this pose. The lines and weals form a hectic pattern, because the surging target is never still. Sexy, erotic and different. Some OTK spanking again and then back on the floor for the cane. Madame is simply tormenting Nichole for the sheer joy of it. and because she has the power.

A final touch, part of the mad fantasy--back to work in the kitchen, but bottom bared for the rest of the assignment.

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