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Mandy Bates

27 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/31/08

An early Imprint production. Nosy blonde student Mandy Bates discovers a Kane Magazine in a teacher's desk and begins masturbating as she flips through it. We of course know her fantasies will be realized. The teacher, tall blonde striking Miss Williams, catches the girl and marches her downstairs to Headmaster Mr. Hobbs. Looks like Imprint used an actual school--the halls and stairs invoke the smells of a secondary school.

Miss Williams tells Hobbs: "We should give her a good caning," and helps poor Mandy to undress--taking her jacket, sweater, skirt, and tie. She is bent over a desk. Williams massages her pantied bottom before Hobbs pulls the pants down. "You are going to receive six of the best."

The six strokes are moderate and not noteworthy except for a camera shot from below. She gets three extras for swearing before she is released. Hobbs detains Miss Williams. After all, the offending magazine had been in her desk. "I can either report this or you can receive CP." With little hesitation, she undresses, assisted by Hobbs. OTK on Hobbs' desk, pants down, another rear camera view up her legs. Hobbs is having fun. "I've always noticed you." He wants to know about the magazine. Williams admits she has always been curious about CP and her spanking becomes softly erotic, concluded with a kiss and a wink as a signal for things to come.

Williams returns to her classroom, surprisingly bare-bottom for the walk back up the stairs--no one around, we presume. We don't remember seeing any of our teachers like this. She confronts Mandy in her classroom and locks the door. Mandy must have been surprised to see Miss Williams walk in without any pants on. They compare each others' bottom marks. Both girls then strip down completely. Mandy lies lengthwise across the desk while Williams makes lesbian advances.

"You're going to get a lesson from me now." Not really, though--mostly fondling. Mandy spreads out on the desktop and the camera takes care to catch the scene from both ends. Handspanking and bottom kissing. "I'd like to spank you, Miss." Mandy spanks her teacher cautiously. Screen filled with two naked girls. Erotic denouement to a simple plot.

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