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Marital Strokes

25 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/21/07

The head of the household runs a tight ship in this CalStar portrait. Seems he's caught his sister-in-law smoking pot. She's a tall, thin, pretty brunette, here dressed as a schoolgirl. We've seen her in embarrassing postions before---she's an energetic spankable bottom, so we're looking forward here. She tussles with her brother-in-law, and knowing what happens in this house, suggests she be spanked in lieu of him telling her sister what she's done. "You like to spank her," she says. The husband is a little surprised his games are known in the house, but this should encourage him to give her the full monty.

She takes off her student wraparound skirt and goes OTK for a handspanking. He fondles her bottom and she raises it to encourage him, because she's been here before. When he pulls down her panties, it's a little difficult because she is excited and has spread her legs. Very revealing. She's is guided to the couch and put in the diaper position. Nothing is left to the imagination. She's gasping. Her brother-in-law announces he is going to use one of his toys on her, telling her she knows what that means: "You know if you've been listening."

In fact she does know and goes upstairs, returning with a cane, and now wearing a saucy bra, panties, garter-belt, and stockings. This little minx is asking for it. First she bends over a chair for 12 crisp strokes--lots of rubbing and gasping. Then she kneels on the couch for 12 more, this time without the superfluous thong. She's sexy and talkative and not shy to show us all she has. On her feet, off with the bra, she kneels on the chair for 12 more, nice closeups confirming welts and bruises. She's doing a lot of grabbing at this point, because thes strokes are not so playful. She counted them aloud for us--we saw no repeats. "Had enough?" She chokes out a "Yeah." This actress earned her pay here.

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