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Maximum Impact

39 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/20/09

Miss Brown in another CalStar appearance, always the fearsome no-nonsense spanker, who has heard all the snivelling excuses. Here she has caught two female employees who loll tipsy and giddy in her trashed office. "What the hell is going on here?" Anyone who has heard Miss Brown utter a version of those words is cheered for the guaranteed action which follows.

Miss Brown retrieves the implement for which this video is titled. It is a wrapped bundle of reeds, more frightening than any birches you will see, almost like a bouquet of a dozen thin canes. A thrilling and chilling sight, and Miss Brown would have been one of our nominees to be the demonstrator.

To the cavorting blonde and brunette, "Stand up." They are told to drop their shorts and kneel bottom-up on the two easy chairs. Next they must pull their panties down. Both bottoms are ready.

The brunette is first to be thrashed, the only word which seems to apply for this implement. She is tall, thin, wears sexy studious glasses, and does not seem deterred at having her bottom bared to the breeze. The first few strokes quiet things down. Even when used moderately, this daunting instrument produces a gasp from the brunette.

The blonde is next and equally charming, and similarly awed by the strike of the bundle.

Miss Brown always has a lurid gleam in her eye. She makes the blonde assume the diaper position on her soft chair, so her face peaks out comically from directly between her elevated spread legs. More strokes. Ouch! And so revealing. The brunette assumes the same pose but tells us she is not as athletic as the blonde. No matter, same charming views.

The girls alternate kneeling on the floor for more thrashing. The bundle has begun to fray. The girls pick reed fragments off each other's bottoms.

Unsinkable Miss Brown steps out and returns with a traditional cane. The two bare bottoms are positioned side-by-side for a surprisingly long caning sequence, given what already has happened. Brown alternates, laying on 3, then a rapid set of 6, then 6 or 7 more, to each bottom in turn. The girls have lost their amusement, but we are still not finished. They must now lay flat on the couch, in turn.

The brunette is first. 20 very hard snappy strokes. Repeats from various angles. The blonde gets a hard 20, with the brunette's striped bottom to gaze at in the frame in the background. This must be a painful position because the bottom cannot move, but it is not as photogenic and so is rarely used. We like bobbing and weaving.

Miss Brown is still not satisfied. The girls must lean straight-legged over the couch for at least 10 more.

All in all, entertaining show, to be filed under "Severe."

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