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Merry Widow

Review by Katrina
Starring: Dede
Kurt Stevens
Running Time: Approximately 30 minutes

There was an old T.V. show called "The Lucy Show", starring Lucile Ball. Lucy played a widow, living on a trust fund set up by her late husband. She was always trying to get more money from the trust manager, her local banker. The banker was always trying to save money and prevent Lucy from going through the inheritance in as short of a time as possible. But there was always something that Lucy wanted to buy. The comedy was in what Lucy had to do to get the money. I always wondered what would happen if Lucy was taught some down home financial discipline over the knee of the banker. Now I know. Dede is a recent widow who was accustomed to "the good life" from a rich husband. She is now living on a trust fund set up by her late husband and managed by the local banker played by Kurt Stevens. She wishes to purchase an $80,000 BMW automobile and wants some more money from the trust so she calls Kurt and asks him to come over for a talk. All excited at the prospect of getting a new automobile, she eagerly answers the door and shows him into the living room where they both sit down on the couch. She explains that she needs the money. He says no. She complains about the "tight wad" restrictions. He tells her that she needs a little financial discipline. He is the person to do it and proceeds to take her over his knee there on the sofa. What progresses next is some pretty good OTK action. I must admit that the lady has a pretty nice body. She complained that "what are you doing?" when Kurt pulls her over his lap and lifts her skirt. We discover that the lady is wearing a pair of thong panties. (She manages to keep them on through the entire film; not that they offer any protection from the spanking. Sorry, guys, there is no peeking at the lady's labia in this film.) What follows is a rather long sequence of the lady's bottom going up and down in tune to Kurt's hand. She does a pretty good job of rocking it left and right as well. It is a very good OTK hand spanking. Her bottom cheeks react almost as well as the lady's reactions. Her face grimaces. She kicks and complains while she grabs on to the arm of the sofa. There is no doubt about it. This lady is being spanked. She is being spanked toughly. It is neither fast nor terribly hard, but it is regular.

After a few minutes of practically non-stop action, she is let up to remove the skirt. With the typical "You can't do this to me" type look, the skirt comes off and is cast aside. Back over his knee she goes for some more lessons in finance. It seems that Dede is earning her money the hard way. In short order, he starts to feel the lady's bottom temperature and proclaims that she must be hot because her bottom is quite warm. Of course, she says that it is on fire. So, to help cool her off, again she is let up to remove her sweater. (At this pint, she mysteriously looses the shoes too.) Now, clad in only a bra and panties, she is again pulled over his knee. "You might as well take this off too" he says as he unclasps the lady's bra. She grabs the bra, slides it out and tosses it aside. That does not seem to cool her down when he starts in again on her bottom. Up and down the cheeks go. Slap after slap. Her toes begin to flex and curl. This spanking is not light. It is truly registering in her brain. The color is beginning to betray the temperature under the skin; and it is definitely on the warm side. All of this time while the lady's temperature is being raised, the camera angle seems to be a close shot up her legs to the bounding bottom. It does not vary. In due time, the hand spanking ends and he gets up. Darn! But wait. There is more. As she still lies on the sofa, covering her breasts and trying to protect her modesty, he grabs her legs and lifts them up over her head. In what is called "the diaper position" (or "nappy" position), he gives the lady's upper thighs a few dozen slaps; none of which is making Dede very happy because she forgets her modesty and pushes into the sofa cushions in an effort to deal with the stinging pain. She can't help doing a bit of rubbing while Kurt goes to get the implements. He returns with a small wooden paddle and orders her "get off the couch and get back over my lap. Why should I hurt my hand spanking your rear-end?" as he sits down. His hand must be hurting by now. What follows is an occasional slap with the wooden paddle on her red bottom. She extends her legs in an effort to deal with the sting all the while her bottom continues to wretch side to side. When the paddling is complete, she gets off his lap and lies over the sofa, her hands busily trying to remove the sting in her bottom.

He returns with a leather slapper. This is a short leather paddle, long but not wide. As she is bent over a wooden chair, two things happen. First he uses the slapper on her bottom in somewhat of a light manner. Secondly, we get the first full side view of her DD breasts that she was trying to conceal earlier as they hang straight down. The shot of her bottom shows a very nice uniform red color along with the expected red speckles. She has been spanked. I wish that he would use that slapper more effectively. It is rather lack-luster. Yet, with each stroke there is a cry of pain. Eventually the camera pans around and shoots up at her face. Then, we are treated to a gratuitous close-up of the lady's breasts and back to her face as she wipes away a tear. She eventually counts out the last fifteen. At the end of the spanking, we finally come to the point where the lady has done the work to get her money. She is given the check for the $80,000, told to watch her spending, and as Kurt leaves she says goodbye to him with the final parting word, "Bastard!" The film is very nice. The scenario is unique. Unfortunately, this film looks like it was shot by two guys in a basement with three video cameras. The lighting is not quite correct, there are harsh shadows cast on the film, and through most of the film the camera angles are stale. (There is even one shot that has the camera lights themselves, flare included.) But, don't let these minor annoyances dissuade you from this otherwise enjoyable film. I liked it, even with the minor technical imperfections. Now, if only she was a red-head like Lucy, well....

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