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Time:54 Minutes

Terrific implausible plot yields rosy results; the local gas utility, the "Gas Board," issues its inspectors spanking tools to settle delinquent accounts out-of-court. And two British honeys have been cheating on their meter.

A severe-looking attractive female inspector finally gets into the girls' apartment and explains--she's authorized to use the company-issued whip and paddle she carries in her car to settle these issues. The girls--Susie, a middle-east dark beauty, and a well-endowed and experienced Blonde, debate then accept their fates---they'll take the spanking. The Blonde goes first OTK, her silk shortie nightgown is raised and her panties soon come down during the long rhythmic moderate handspanking. Susie's next for the same. She wears a red top and a nifty white miniskirt, just made for removing, with red panties, which last just a moment. Both bottoms hold great promise. Blondie strips completely and is made to watch, and we watch her too.

Both girls are surprised. There's more? Oh, yes. Believe it or not, the Gas Board outfits its inspectors with spanking trestles. I wonder how it's listed in the supply catalog. There must be company training sessions. The bench is dragged in and the totally naked Blondie goes over it for a dose of the soft paddle I've described elsewhere as a dud. But Blondie is an eyefull, enhanced even more when the inspector requires her to spread her legs. Susie gets her dose, just soft thuds as in a slippering. But I repeat--very nice tail sections. Susie stays over the horse--she's been urged to open her legs too and we see shadowy tufts. The inspector digs into her plastic bag and pulls out the stiff leather spanker. I've written this before too--this little item is an instant attention-gainer. Susie yelps at the first splat and colors up quickly with a pattern of little squares. When she's done she must take off her top--very nice! Blondie's bottom meets the leather spanker next with noticeable unhappiness.

Both girls stand nude for us, and do turns, while the inspector flexes and shows them the cane. We get those CalStar "Oh, no!"" facials. Blondie takes about 20 healthy cuts with instant tram lines, some on the thighs. Nice discomfort and no faking here. The inspector controls her with a firm harsh handful of blonde hair (on her head of course--there is no other hair). Blondie's up, rubbing her welts, while the nude Susie takes a few more than 20, good firm no-nonsense stingers. We get to watch all this from different angles; the girls are paraded and are naked most of the tape; the inspector traces and strokes her handiwork with sensual interest on these two first class bottoms.

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