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Military Discipline 2002

Starring: Catherine Corbett
Caroline Davis as cadet Brigham
Amanda Eldridge as cadet Walters
Review by Katrina
Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes

Note: This film was originally created and sold by Cheek To Cheek productions. It is now being offered for sale exclusively under the Firm Hand Productions label. If you were to relate the "Military Discipline" series to the "Star Wars" saga, this film would be the equivalent of "The Empire Strikes Back". The series started with the classic film "Military Discipline" with Vida Garman. This was the sequel to that work. The third film, Military Discipline 2004, is also available from Firm Hand Productions. The film opens with Brigham and Walters entering a large open assembly room. They are dressed, casually and slightly unkempt, in the uniform of a Royal Air Force cadet; a blue full skirt, starched white blouse, and short black shoes. The two instinctively know to stand with their backs against the wall, a point that is brought to attention by the first words out of WRAC Catherine's mouth "Backs to the wall". To which Walters responds, "They are ma'am". Perhaps someone should have told her to just say "Yes, ma'am" rather than be cute. A moment later and we are given the second reason for discipline. Apparently their unkempt uniforms are "not to standard." Lt. Corbett informs Walters "You're going to be punished.... Oh, haven't had it in the R.AF?... Oh, you're in the Army now, darling.... Get over!" It does not take very long before Walters finds herself with her hands on the only prop in the room, a metal chair, bent over at the waste and her skirt up over her back. At the first splat of Catherine's hand on her bottom, there is a rather loud outcry of pain and shock. Obviously, she was not expecting this to happen. (Well, OK, you and I both know differently, don't we?) A couple of swats later, Walters starts to complain about her treatment and is given another dressing down by Lt. Corbett reaffirming her authority over the cadets. This time, her panties are wedged-up and she is given a barrage of swats to her now dismasted cheeks. I have never seen someone use both hands, one hand per cheek, in such a rapid fashion as if she was playing a set of bongo drums. By the time that Catherine has finished, Walters is the proud owner of a crimson bottom. It is obvious that she is fighting back tears as she makes her way back to the wall.

Following Walters is Brigham. She takes the position for punishment, showing her lily white bottom. With each stroke, her fleshy bottom cheeks quiver under the impact. By the time that Catherine has finished, white is no longer their color. They are simply red; red all over. This lady shows marks easily, and she will have ample opportunity to do so during her stay with Lt. Corbett. After both have been spanked, the C.P. leads to a bit of P.E. (that's physical education). It is what we called in school "running laps"; twenty-five laps to be precise. The pair changed into their pure white gym outfit with short pants. The film picks up after the run. The two ladies, out of breath, are relaxing outside the room. Catherine escorts them inside and shows them what the afternoon training is about; an interview with very well used gym slipper. First up is Brigham. Her expected position is punctuated by a slap of the slipper on the table. She is instructed to "take them down, pants, knickers, all of it." I never did like those gym outfits. They came off too easily for me. Apparently, Brigham is finding this condition as well because down go the pants and panties and over the edge of the table she goes. Back and forth, again and again, the slipper hits one cheek and the other. Catherine does not even seem to be trying hard but the sound tells us differently. This must be smarting. A quick view of her face shows quiet a few grimaces. Yes, it does smart.

After the first round, it is now Walters' turn. She too ends up with her pants and panties near the floor. After a little pounding on her bottom with the slipper, she is to join her friend at the wall. Apparently, Lt. Corbett is not satisfied with her work. Brigham soon finds herself back with her bottom bared and over the table. This time, Lt. Corbett takes a flying leap as she brings the slipper down with full force on Brigham's bottom. Ohhhh! That hurt! This time, Brigham's comment is not a grimace. It is a cry of pain; loudly, clearly, and with all of the vigor that her bottom demands. By the fourth one, she is mouthing a few words of pain. By the fifth, she has switched to suitable four-letter words. After six it is over. Her bottom has resumed its bright red color from the morning and she exchanges places with her friend, Walters. Walters assumes station over the table, with her knickers down around her ankles and waits for the inevitable. Catherine does not disappoint her. With the same flying style, Lt. Corbett brings on the cries of pain that reflect her inner feelings as the slipper slams into her naked cheeks. She is crying inside. She is given the same equal measure; six of the best with the slipper before sending her to join Brigham against the same wall. Catherine orders them to return at 10 tonight. As they leave, we see what is in store for them because on the desk is a heavy tawse strap. Their bottoms will be on fire tonight! That evening.... The two ladies show up in jeans and t-shirts. They try to convince Catherine that they have had enough for the day. She tells them "not enough and not properly." This is getting better all the time as she slams the strap on the same table. Catherine pushes Brigham over the table while Walters goes "to the wall" to wait her turn again. She draws the strap back over her shoulder with both hands and with a smooth motion brings it down across Brigham's jeans to reinforce the need to bare her bottom. "Take your pants down!" Nude from the waist down, Brigham settles down over the edge of the table and grabs the other end to hang on for dear life as the second time the strap comes down on her bottom. "One!" she counts. "Two... Three... Four..." The camera switches to the face to show her eyes scrunched tightly closed and her voice rising in pitch with every lash. Later we see her bottom showing a wide stripe across the middle of her cheeks that is getting darker and darker and darker red. By the time that the count reaches twelve, she has had enough and is excused to the wall. As Walters steps forward, you can tell from her face that she is not looking forward to the next few minutes with expectation of a pleasurable experience. Her face is a scowl. Walters is given the same basic treatment in the position leaning over the edge of the table. She manages to count to the same twelve while clinging on the far edge of the table. By the end, her knuckles are white. Her voice is loaded with the emotions of fighting back tears. They exchange places again, the process is repeated with Brigham counting One, Two, Three... Ten, Eleven, Twelve. All the time, the center of her bottom gets redder against the boundaries above and below the place where the strap lands every time.

When they swap again, Catherine tells Walters that her friend can't count. She should count starting where they left off. Walters counts Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen, as the strap lands on her naked bottom. By the time that they reach twenty-four, she is now very visibly shaken; no doubt due to her bottom being on fire. Again, the two ladies swap places. Has this been going on too long? Not if you ask me! Catherine asks Brigham where they should start counting. Should she start with one or some other count? Brigham has learned from the last time and says that the count should continue with twenty-five. Darn! I wanted it to start with one. But, you can't have everything. So, down go the pants. Down go the panties. Over the table she goes. And the strap comes down again and again for an additional twelve strokes; each one resulting in a new definition of pain being shown in Brigham's grimaced face. By the time that the count reaches thirty-six, her bottom no longer has a band of red. It is now red. It is red all over. It is even red down the tender crevice between the cheeks! That really hurts. Walters' bottom is given the same treatment. By the time that both have received three dozen lashes of the tawse, they are two very well strapped ladies. Their bottoms are red, inflamed, and very sore. Sleeping in those metal beds with thin mattresses is not going to be easy tonight. Before being excused to try to find a way to sleep, the two are given one last warning. If there is any more trouble, they will be back. And, they will then receive the cane and it will be hard. Two weeks later... This is the last day for the two cadets. They were out celebrating the previous night and apparently had a bit too much celebrating. As a result, they ended up meeting Lt. Corbett again. This time, she is holding a thin rattan switch - the cane. Like before, Walters finds the wall while Brigham bends over the front of a chair, with her hands on the seat of the wooden chair, her skirt raised to her waste, and her panties at her knees. Catherine takes aim across her bottom with the switch and with a single move, draws it back and then plants it directly across Brigham's bottom with considerable force. Brigham's face contorts and a cry of pain comes out. A second later, she counts "one". "One what?", Catherine says. Brigham is momentarily caught off guard and responds "One, ma'am". No, this is the not the proper response. "One ma'am what?", Catherine asks. At this point Brigham does not know what to say so Catherine gives her a second cut with the cane that generates a sharp breath and another grimace of pain and reaches back to rub the area now telling her "this hurts back here!" "Two thank you ma'am" Brigham responds. Maybe she has it proper now. Reminded to remove her hands, Catherine tells her that "we will start again". The reaction that Brigham makes is exceedingly rare. This was obviously not in the script. The script did not call for the extra two strokes of the cane. The look on Brigham's face is almost a classical "What do you mean start again? I did not agree to this!" picture. This lady's facial reactions are exquisite and are almost worth the price of the video for these alone.

Being a good sport, she starts counting "One thank you ma'am", "Two thank you ma'am" as the cane descends upon her bottom with vigor. Her bottom is definitely showing the red tram lines reflecting the starting of a good caning. The camera pans in and her bottom is now on full screen. Oh, wow! You can see the cane come in, strike, her bottom clench and retreat following the impact, and then return to position. This is not a long shot, but a close-up of her bottom being well caned as the stripes begin to turn from red to white and finally from white to blue. Down again comes the cane. All in all, she receives two dozen. (Making the total number of cane strikes twenty six.) After the two dozen cuts, it is time to switch places with her partner, Walters. Walters' position is different. This time, she is to touch her toes. So, with the skirt raised and panties down, Walters' reaches down to grab her ankles. The cane comes down on her bottom for the proper count of two dozen. However, it seems that Catherine is a bit more forgiving with Walters as her counting is not so formal. The difference however is that she tends to hit Walters several times a bit lower in that nice little crease between the bottom and the top of the legs. Her bottom does not mark as badly as Brigham's does. Following the caning, Lt. Corbett decides to use a yardstick to help reinforce the point. Walters and then Brigham both receive six strokes of the yardstick while grabbing their ankles, panties down, and bottoms bare. The result is that they both have a few wide white stripes across their bottoms to match the thin white strips of the cane. Walters is called back for a third session today, a second one with the cane, "a proper beating" as Catherine puts it. Ladies and gentlemen do not try this at home. Catherine takes a running leap at Walters, cane held above her head. When she reaches the cadet, she brings the cane down on her bottom with tremendous force. Walters almost drops to the floor. By the second time, she can't hold her position. It is amazing that she took all six strokes in this manner. Then it is Brigham's turn. She also receives six of the best with a "proper beating".

The cadets' last day ... This is the time for a bit of payback. It seems that Lt. Corbett has been seeing an officer, Capt. Turner, on the sly and against regulations. The cadets discovered this juicy bit of gossip and now wish to extract a bit of revenge on the lady who made their stay so memorable. So, they come to confront Catherine with the knowledge and suggest that either she take a beating like what she gave them or they will inform upon her. Catherine tries to dismiss them, but they won't hear of it. They want their pound of Catherine's flesh. Catherine sees no way around the situation and agrees to be spanked over the table, with her trousers and panties down. The two cadets both spank Catherine at the same time with their hands, one cheek per cadet. Catherine has trouble taking the hand spanking because she stands up straight. This is her body's way of saying "I have had enough and take it easy." In short order, the two cadets turn Catherine's bottom to a nice shade of red. It seems that the two cadets have left a little going away present for Lt. Corbett. The have complained about the treatment that they received and mentioned the affair with Capt. Turner. Now the cornel has decided that she is to receive a little of what she has been doling out in order to satisfy the Royal Air Force about their cadets, Capt. Turner's wife about the affair, and all other parties concerned. He starts with the same tawse strap. After twenty, Catherine is having a hard time of it again. She is reminded to remain over the desk as she straightens up again and again during the punishment. After the same three dozen strikes with the strap, her bottom is just as red as the two cadets. The cane is next. She is asked how many strokes she gave. "Twenty four, plus six" she said. The caning starts. Catherine is a veteran performer. She does not let out a sound but has trouble maintaining position during the caning as she stands and twists in response to the blows of the cane on her nude bottom.

After the twenty four strokes, she is treated to the yardstick. Catherine has trouble with even the first stroke of the yardstick as she stands straight up and does not wish to resume her position easily. Being a consummate performer, she does return to her place and receives the remaining strokes of the yardstick on her cheeks. After the yardstick, she is treated to the "acrobatic ability" that she herself used when he takes the same running start to deliver the cane. It is sublime justice. By the time that she has received all of the cane strokes, her bottom resembles the cadets. It has the compression lines of the cane along with the "all over warm feeling" of the strap. The film ends with the same sour look on Catherine's face as was on Walters'. All in all, this is a very good film. This is a spanking video. I found Caroline Davis' and Amanda Eldridge's parts very well played. The action was severe without being brutal. Everyone had a well deserved red fanny by the time that the story ended. Catherine Corbett is the consummate professional who has been in many parts and played many roles. It is hard to judge this lady's performance other than to say that she played a very believable Army lieutenant. Besides that, she has the butt that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

As I said in the start, this is the equivalent of the "Empire strikes back.", or perhaps it is the "Royal Air Fore strikes back". I look forward to the third installment of the saga, "Military Discipline 2004", now at available a dealer near you. "May the force be with you."

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