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Military Justice

Starring Shannon Carson, Karen Marshall, Sammie Wallen, and Nancy Bennington
Running Time 44 minutes
Reviewed by Ronald Scott

This video starts slow but finishes fast! It shows what happens when bad girls caught skipping school and taking drugs are sent to a Military-style reform school. As the movie opens two shapely bad girls (brunette Shannon Carson and red-haired Karen Marshall) are swimming and complaining about their parents. Soon we see them being escorted into a suburban reform school in a house-like setting by cute strawberry-blond Sammie Wallen. Sammie has been there for a while and gets to dress in street clothes while the newcomers must wear schoolgirl uniforms. Soon they meet Miss Bennett (Nancy Bennington), the strict school disciplinarian dressed appropriately in army fatigues. Miss Bennett tells them what lies in store and Shannon immediately starts talking back.

Shannon's very bad attitude (she is insolent, snide, bitchy, and much more) is one of the highlights of the first half of this video.

Shannon begins by asking Miss Bennett "Aren't I a little old to be spanked?" Apparently not, as she is soon bending over a stool being spanked. Next Sammie sneaks cigarettes to the other two out back. Soon Miss Bennett finds out about this (we are never shown how) and Sammie is spanked by Doctor Joyce (whose face is never shown in the video).

Next Sammie accuses the other two of snitching on her about smoking cigarettes and declares each will get 40 swats with the paddle from her in return.

After that, Sammie also gets paddled by Dr. Joyce for having cigarettes in her room. This is the first intense part of this video as Sammie's voice begins to break and her face shots betray some distress. Sammie also has a very spankable ass and nice figure.

Then the other two get paddled for the same offense and Shannon snidely asks "what's not against the rules?" The two seem to suffer a quite a bit this time, especially the most deserving Shannon.

With the next paddling of Sammie by Shannon and Karen, the video begins to take on a greater level of intensity. Both girls display anger and cattiness toward the unfortunate Sammie; and the smirk on Shannon's face as Sammie begins to really suffer is a nice turn-on. In addition, Karen really hits hard! By the end Sammie's voice reaches an erotically desperate tone. The shot of her looking sad and hurt afterwards while Shannon and Karen can barely conceal their glee is a complete turn on.

Then Doctor Joyce gives all three a dose of the leather tawse. Shannon and Karen have limited reaction, but Sammie's punishment is an erotic winner again with her jerking noticeably after each blow and her increasingly anguished voice.

Now comes a complete surprise and an erotic highlight of this video. We find Shannon stripped to her panties, her mouth taped, and tied on her back to the four corners of a bed (Karen and Sammie's work). Shannon's great body on display and her frantic struggles to free herself from her bonds is highly erotic. Miss Bennett finds her, is horrified, and quickly unties her, much too quickly for my taste. (If you like this sort of thing, pause mode is recommended here).

Finally the video shifts into high gear with the caning of Karen and Sammie for tying Shannon up. Karen receives 12 strokes and a tight face close-up shows her first break in composure. Sammie gets 24 strokes because she's been there longer and should know better. The sound of the cane hitting her ass has a nice electric "click" to it. She is forced to count and say, "Thank You, Sir" after each stroke; after only three strokes her voice begins to break into a pleading whimper. At the end, both Karen's and Sammie's ass are quite red. Naturally Shannon gloats throughout and looks snotty and pleased afterwards.

Despite an implausible, but strangely entertaining plot, the punishments, relatively tame at first, intensifies exponentially as the video progresses and cute Sammy Wallen becomes increasingly a target for chastisement. I give this an overall score of 8 out of 10.

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