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Military PT

57 Minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 5/15/09

A theme we've enjoyed at CalStar, NuWest, Cheek-to-Cheek, and others. A controlling non-commissioned officer snares female cadet-types and torments them with corporal punishment. This was filmed completely outdoors, in marginally-lit woodlands. It is humorously evil and imaginative. Two privates, Clark and Peters, are taken to a remote clearing and tormented by a male corporal--thin, severe, and intimidating, who could probably not find a chapter in any training manual covering the behavior he has in mind.

Lots of shouting. "Yes, Corporal," "No Corporal," pleading and whining throughout. After a forced jog to the clearing, the Corporal inspects the girls. Vests and gymslips up, no bras--good, that is correct; shorts down, regulation knickers, good too. First a five-mile run, urged on with a cane. Back to the clearing: mark-time with high knees (try it for a minute), touch-toes, strip down to the white gymslips; pressups, jumping jacks, sit-ups. The Corporal urges them on with a strap and his cane, and pours bottled water on the girls. The punishment is mild, but this could be a long day.

No doubt the Corporal is mainly interested in spanking. Clark must remove her shorts and run the jogging course while the Corporal spanks Peters in her panties, wetting them again, until Clark returns. He pulls her panties down and spanks away while Clark runs. The girls switch. Peters is impressed by the water and is generally more affected by being spanked than Clark. Corporal: "Surprising how much more it stings (when wet)." If a girl dawdles, her associate just gets a longer spanking.

The Corporal is peeved at the "two useless times" on his stopwatch, so he will repeat the whole thing, only spank with the strap. Clark must run the course without any panties at all, a delicious little humiliation which sets this Miss Marchmont apart from similar-themed efforts. Peters then runs off, also bottomless.

Both girls are examined, front and back, without panties, but the shadows prevent a detailed view. It is sexy, though. The nasty Corporal will conclude the festivities with his crop/cane. The girls must touch toes for sets of 6 to 10 at a time from the cane, amounting to about 25 strokes, moderate, but the girls are havng a tough time by now, with the exercise and the pankings. The brunette Peters is getting off a tad easier.

Wicked Corporal--the girls must gather their clothes and run back into camp, red-bottomed, wet, and half-nude. It doesn't matter who seesthem. What's more, "Tomorrow we'll do the same thing." We loved the theme and the outdoor embarrassment; just a little bit harder please.

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