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Mind Storm

Starring: Nicole
Running Time: 30 Minutes
Reviewed by: John O'Connell 6/8/07

Mind Storm is one of the latest releases from the minds at Kshara. The premise to this video is that there are two souls in Nicole's lovely body. What that has to do with her being whipped and punished, I'm not really sure. But then again, it probably doesn't matter either. The video opens with Nicole sitting on a bench wearing a blouse and mini-skirt. She's moving around in a random fashion when the image in the mirror continually changes back and forth from her current appearance to one with her hair down and searing nothing but black bikini bottoms. Her nipples are covered with with two pieces of electrical tape. This continues until she touches the mirror, which she then becomes her alter ego.

What I don't think clothed Nicole was prepared for is that she would be met by a whip rearing man dressed in black after assuming the role of almost naked Nicole. While holding on to the railing behind her, Nicole is lashed by the punisher on her stomach and chest. Some lashes are light and others, not so much. She has some very distinguished marks by the time her tormenter decides to remove the tap off her nipples. While I've never had electrical tape removed from my nipples for (no do I wish to, just for the record) I can imagine this wasn't a very pleasant thing. Crouched like a ninja, the man strikes each breast with amazing accuracy with the whip.

After more tit whipping from commando man, we cut to the next scene where Nicole is tied to 2 small bookcases, spread apart just so. I was thankful they didn't waste our time by making us watch her getting on the bookcases and then being tied into place. We go right to the action with no fooling around. It's cane time and Nicole received a mountain of short strokes at close range. With of course a little pussy rubbing from the punisher for good measure. Only after making her ass look like a grill imprint does he untie and remove the bottoms. He doesn't waste any time though, he starts slapping away at that already red and beaten rear end. With everything on display for the world to see, the next part of her session begins. She is whipped from a distance with a long whip. Hence why it would be from a distance.

Care to guess what the main target is while using this whip? You got it, the pussy. And he manages to hit it pretty much every time, which causes screams that made my lights dim. I looked at her and thought, for most videos this would pretty much wrap it up given the damage done so far. But, I knew this was far from over. We cut to the next scene where Nicole is now tied to a series of poles front side up so her goods are on full display. This must have been an interesting task trying to set this position up. While pulling on her hair, the punisher uses a small flogging type instrument to hit...well...just about everything. This man is thorough I have to say. Nicole looks like a human shaped lobster by the time we are brought to the next section of the video.

Wanting to make good use of the poles, Nicole is now found with her wrists bound to a pole as it is suspended above her head. Here she is whipped, whipped, and whipped some more. And then cropped. After watching a kshara vid, it always amazes me how much one person can take. After all this beating, Nicole is left to dangle until finally she we her pull away from the mirror, back in her original clothes.

You just have to love the creativity of Kshara productions. And they fit a lot into 30 minutes, cutting out all the set up stuff and jumping right into the action.

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