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Minnie the Minx

Length: 42 minutes
Review by MARS posted 4/1/11

We always enjoy these scenarios where multiple semi-aged gentlemen jump at a vulnerable, defenseless, and subordinate young lady, one who has no leverage, and have their way with her, in the spanking department.

The waitress Minnie, an attractive cheerful-looking brunette, played by an actress credited as Jane Wright, spills a drink on Sir Gary. This appears to be a private club, so the gentlemen have a lot of discretion. They take Minnie OTK right there at the table and spank her on black panties. They've been suspicious about her--she admits she falsified her job application, so she is taken to the manager's office.

The club manager, Sarah, played by actress Jenny Greenstreet, looks on the tough/Domme side. She must be very clever though, because she is typing at a keyboard without a computer screen, something we haven't mastered. She retrieves Minnie's file, where it becomes evident that Minnie faked a lot of information and that maybe Sarah did not check carefully enough. The age of this video is betrayed, in that there is slightly too much talk, which of course reduces the pressure on the actresses' bottoms. Minnie begs not to be fired. "Please, sir, you can thrash me..."

Sir Gary's companion, Herr Hanshoff, happens to have a bag of spanking implements nearby and brings them in. It always amuses us how these satchels of tools materialize. Minnie is taken OTK again, her pants are pulled down--boss Sarah holds her still. They clear off the top of Sarah's desk so Minnie can be properly displayed for some left-handed tawsing, then the cane. "Are you ready, Minnie?" 12 hard strokes produce marks and bruises and Sir Gary gets his detailed fondle. 5 more strokes after the rub, her bottom nicely framed in the shot.

The men are not satisfied and want still more caning, "twelve more strokes good and hard." Sarah chimes in: "She's not used to this." Over the desk again--the strokes are hard. Sarah rubs Minnie after 4, then 8, then after the 12th stroke. A red, welted altogether successful result. Sarah rubs Minnie at length and you detect she seeks to direct attention away from herself.

These randy men decide to turn on Sarah. Sir Gary accuses her of falsifying the club's wages--creating a fictitious employee and pocketing the money. Her brazen Domme demeanor is melting before our eyes. Well-spanked Minnie is sent on her way. Sarah won't be fired, "but we will fire your backside."

She saw what happened to Minnie, but she will take her punishment. Over the desk she goes, black panties, garters, stockings. The first of the bad news: "25 strokes of the tawse." On her panties--very hard, and she counts them out. Sir Gary pulls down the knickers and says, ad-lib style, as if prompted by the director: "I should have pulled these down earlier." The scene concludes with a good 29 cane strokes, counted out and memorable. Lots of diversion at this gentlemen's club.

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