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Written and Directed by Eve Howard
Edited by Tony Elka
Starring: Steve Fuller as Cousin Henry
Samantha Woodley as Crystal
Paris as Amber
Review by David Pierson

'The Mischief Makers' is major success for the creative team at Shadow Lane studios. This video is exceedingly hot. If you have been warned against being sexually stimulated by your physician then you had better not view this video. On the other hand... who wants to live forever? Perhaps you should watch this video, only be sure to have a defibrillator at hand. In my opinion, this production captured the essence of what spanking erotica is all about.

Eve Howard's cleaver script and direction, Tony Elka's superior editing (the best in the business) and an amazingly sexy cast make this video a very special treat for all fans of spanking video erotica.

The story revolves around the conflict between Cousin Henry (played by the popular Steve Fuller) and his two bratty charges, Amber (Paris) and Crystal (Samantha Woodley).

This was an ill-fated match from the beginning. Henry had recently suffered from an "emotional collapse" after absorbing severe losses in the stock market. He is left in a state (New Jersey?) in which he finds himself unable to tolerate any form of irritation or excitement. (My mistake..Utah)

Suddenly, into his life, enter two forces of nature named Amber and Crystal. If I were in Cousin Henry's state the mere presence of these two lovely young women would have driven me over the edge. Cousin Henry was none too pleased when he discovered that his bratty, orphaned cousins would be staying with him for a month. It seems that Amber and Crystal have a reputation that would make the Hilton sisters blush. (Didn't know that was possible.)

Upon their arrival Cousin Henry explains his plight to Amber and Crystal. As he was explaining his situation to the amazingly attractive naughty girls he was literally eating tranquilizers. I didn't know that Diazepam came in chewable form. I must look into this. Henry pleads for their understanding of his need for peace and quiet. Of course Amber and Crystal were unable to comply with Henry's'wishes. (Wouldn't make much of a spanking film if they were good now would it?) One day as Amber and Crystal were lying about, feeling very bored, our adorable brats decided to test Cousin Henry's patience. While poor Henry was resting down stairs our nasty girl's decided to play a loud game of hopscotch above his head and play their music at a volume that drew blood from a dog's ear one mile away. (That last bit was not actually shown in the was inferred by me.) It seems to me that Amber and Crystal's behavior was somewhat attention seeking...don't you think? Well it wasn't long before they got some attention from old Henry. With veins bursting through his face, Henry stomped into the room. When it became clear to the man in desperate need of electroshock therapy that the noise from the girls was volitional, Henry decided to give he girls the attention that they had been seeking. Unfortunately, the attention that Cousin Henry provided was to the seat of their shorts. First, Henry pulled Amber across his lap and spanked her soundly. Then it was Crystal's turn to take the trip over her cousin's knees. Once he was done giving his charges the attention that they required, he warned them that any further violation of the rules would result in an even more severe punishment.

As the next scene opens, our naughty girls are coming home from a shopping trip. They are quickly beset upon by a very irritated Henry. It seems that our two young lovelies had taken Henry's car without his permission. Henry was furious as he was supposed to pick up his fiancée' at the airport. (This mental patient has a fiancée'?)

This time Henry spanks the twisted sisters even harder. He, once again, began with Amber. He spanked her over her skirt, then her panties and then proceeded to redden her bare bottom.

As much of a treat it was to watch Amber's (Paris) punishment, Crystal's (Samantha) chastisement was even more enjoyable. When spanked, Crystal kicks and pleads like a little girl.

In the concluding scene, Amber and Crystal are in their pajamas (camisoles with boy cut briefs) talking. One thing leads to another and a pillow fight breaks out. (Doesn't that always happen?) Soon, there are feathers everywhere. When Henry enters the room he was less than happy with our bad girls. Amber soon finds herself pulled over Henry's lap. Despite her protestations, Henry pulls down her briefs ("This is so embarrassing!") and spanks her naked bottom a bright red.

Once he finished with the lovely Amber it was time for Crystal to receive her bare bottom spanking. This spanking scene was nothing short of spectacular. As Henry spanked Crystal's lovely, round bottom she kicked and squirmed in a manner most erotic. In the end, Amber and Crystal promised that they would be of no further inconvenience to their disturbed cousin.

Recently, the online spanking magazine 'The Spanking News' honored Shadow Lane studios with a lifetime achievement award. Clearly, this honor was well deserved if a tad premature. Usually, a lifetime achievement award is given to artists well past their creative primes. 'The Mischief Makers' is clear proof that Shadow Lane studios is still at the top of their game. This production is a fantastic example as to what is possible in spanking video erotica. The video was fun, well crafted and highly erotic. It also firmly establishes Samantha Woodley as the hottest spanking performer in Hollywood. This nineteen-year-old beauty has the potential to be a major star of the medium. This is an experience in spanking video erotica to savor.

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