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Starring: Samantha Woodley
Sierra Salem
Arthur Sire
Directed by: Eve Howard
Reviewed by: Eric Blair-Brown

Fish got to swim and birds have to fly. So it's fair to say mischief makers have to make... well... mischief. Samantha Woodley is a great selling point all by herself. Now add the cute as a button Sierra Salem and a great location and you have the ingredients of a fantastic movie

In the original Mischief Maker film, Crystal (Samantha Woodley) and her sister spend their semester break with their Cousin Henry. After driving poor Henry to a nervous breakdown, Crystal needs a new place to crash. The young woman and her friend Melissa (Sierra Salem) have talked Claude into letting them stay at his Tiki Resort. To help earn their keep, the girls agree to clean, cook and stay away from the club's alcohol supply. Soon Claude understands why Henry is in a loony bin. Instead of getting up and fixing breakfast, the girls party all night and return to the resort at 3pm. To show them the error of their way, Claude gives both girls a poolside spanking. Both women are punished on their skirt, panties and finally, the bare bottom. Both Ms. Woodley and Sierra do a nice job. But Arthur Sire punishes the audience worst than the girls. He spends more time dominating than spanking. Sire whacks twice, he then orders Samantha to put her hands on the wall and to keep her legs straight. A couple more swats, then more orders. After awhile, he gives up and just spanks. Once he does that, it's an excellent spanking scene. Sad to say Sire can't stop the yapping during Sierra's punishment.

In the next scene, the girls have been found loafing and drinking the resorts liquor. Claude takes the girl's to a private room, puts one leg on a table and throws Samantha over his knee. This is maybe the best one leg spanking I've ever seen. No talking, just spanking. Ms. Woodley is beautiful and Mr. Sire does a great job. Then he falls into his annoying domination routine again. He bends both girls over a chair and whoops them with a strap and a riding crop. But he lectures them on hand position and rules of the punishment that I find bothersome. He then confuses the girls on where they should go and what they should do. Sire then gives both young ladies an over the knee spanking. He whacks Sierra with a leather strap and Samantha with a red paddle. During spanking them he continues to stop the action to reprimand the girls.

Mischief Makers 2: Judgment Day is a fine production. It has great girls, locations and scenarios. Despite some of my comments, I really do recommend buying this DVD. I'm not sure why Shadowlane would match the best kicker in the business (Samantha Woodley) with a guy (Arthur Sire) who wants total compliance from his sub. And I hope Arthur Sire learns you can't stop a river from running and you can't stop Ms. Woodley from wiggling. So don't try. Buy and enjoy this DVD.

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