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Miss Armstrong

21 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/1/08

A familiar actress plays a Domme teacher, Caroline Armstrong, and has a cute curly brunette student, Baxter, in her grasp. Baxter has done something to earn detention--you'd certainly find every opportunity if you could detain this girl--she refuses to wash dishes, so she is going to be punished. "You're going to spank me again?" Armstrong takes her OTK and starts a hard and experienced handspanking,lovely sonorous cracks, and soon peels down her blue knickers.

Thinking this may be enough, Armstrong confiscates Baxter's little school uniform skirt and sends her to work in the kitchen in just her knickers and blouse--a cute sight. Baxter is a "10."

Our man "Brian" arrives, as Mr. Bates, young and thin. This video was done in the "Spanking For Pleasure" Sophie Fennington era. Someone had a wonderful eye for faces and bottoms. He summons the saucy disobedient Baxter, who lost her blouse along the way and has quite a body and is now in just knickers; he forces her to drop those panties and do a bend-over and is unsatisfied with the results of Armstrong's spanking. We study Baxter from the front while Bates examines her bottom. He is going to fix things and he is his most entertaining in this mode.

"Miss Armstrong, get my cane." Pleas from Baxter....."Please, Mr. Bates." She is ordered to hand over her knickers for Armstrong to soak. She stands glamorously nude, then stumbles back into the wet panties, while Bates brandishes the cane in the background, a highly erotic moment. "The whole class is going to see your bottom after their tea." Four hard loud cracks of the cane on wet cloth. Armstrong looks on, a wicked beauty. then pants down again, and three more classic strokes on bare moist skin. Baxter grasps her cheeks and twitches, in tears. This is all she is getting today. Bates shows Armstrong her bottom to illustrate how punishment should be.

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