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Miss Bainbridge

49 minutes
Guest Review by COLLECTOR posted 8/22/08

Two fully kitted-out schoolgirls sit in a dark school stairwell rolling marijuana joints; this is a definitively stupid act; if they are in fact sitting on their brains, what is going to happen to them should be extra painful and precisely what we've come to see. Bottomley and Darrell are caught by Miss Bainbridge, a glamorous staffer. They scamper out of the building into the neighborhood, but when Miss Bainbridge alerts collegue teacher Mr. Brown, he is energized. "The cavalry into action again," Bainbridge observes, and they set off after the girls, both knowing the potential entertainment when the girls are caught.

The girls duck into an abandoned warehouse, find a room with a couch and furniture and begin to roll joints again. Bainbridge and Brown search and discover the girls. It seems Brown ran down he street into the building carrying his sheath of spanking implements, so he is ready to rock and roll, on the spot.

The girls hear the Big Choice--a flogging or the police. Returning to the school property, at a conference table, the girls are offered the police vs. parents vs. here-and-now. The cute blonde-haired Bottomley admits: "We've got to be spanked." She is taken first, OTK on a couch by Brown, nice view of white bikini pants. Bainbridge urges Brown: "A little harder might be in order." Bottomley is reminded: "It's embarrassment time," as pants are tugged down.

Bainbridge takes over and it is now Darrell's turn, on her white satin pants. "Pick up the pace, Miss Bainbridge, harder." They pull her pants down together. Darrell has a pinkened hard little bottom; she is already crying and we are just getting started.

Brown bends Bottomley over the couch for the floppy paddle. Much discussion, wriggling, and flamboyant paddling. Bottomley arches her back skillfully to thrust out her bottom. Brown then paddles Darrell. Both teachers are having a grand old time. Darrell chokes out a count of twelve strokes from Brown.

Bottomley is recalled. "We're going to humiliate you as well." Off with the tie, blouse, and gymslip. Her lovely blonde hair comes undone as well. "Fetch the cane, please. Time you met our little friend." Bottomley removes her bra and steps out of the lowered panties, presenting a sight we'd say can be matched but not topped.

The canings which follow are excellent, far exceeding this average run-up to the big moment. Bottomley leans on the table totally nude for 15 strokes of the cane from Brown, and we suspect she wasn't completely sure how much it was going to hurt. Bainbridge must hold her down, and Brown leans into the strokes with wicked glee. Bainbridge takes over and gives her a "baker's half dozen" more. When she is finished and quite upset, she gives us a glimpse of a little mohawk she has tended carefully.

Bainbridge wants to cane Darrell. She too is made to strip and is put over a table. 10 or more strokes, with breathless "thank you, miss" acknowledgements. Wonderful facial shots of the poor miss. Brown takes over, another 10 or so. Bruises and marks, and glimpses of her brunette patch when she jumps up. The final stroke is worthy of an advertising trailer. Rousing canings, we thought. Just Say No to pot, girls.

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