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The Missing Report

Time: 57 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/24/08

Full length CalStar usually signals action. American-accented Miss Blair calls in employee Mary and complains about her work, her dress, and that she wears "night makeup" during office hours. Blair has a list of her transgressions. Mary actually volunteers that she'd rather have a spanking than a cut in pay. Miss Blair, without missing a beat: "We can arrange that."

Mary, an attractive long-haired brunette with the body type required for this work, bends over a desk and Blair begins whacking with a thick ruler, admirable strokes right off the bat. This is all for now; Mary brings back some tardy reports.

Blair of course doesn't like the work, calls Mary back in, who promptly blames her assistant Sandy. Blair: "Back to Square 'A,'" using a derivation of this cliche we haven't heard. She gives her another taste of the heavy ruler, grabbing a handful of her big hair to steady the target. Mary cusses her, so the spanking intensifies. Tarty leopard print dress up, bunch the black bikini panties. Blair makes her take off the dress--this is a tough office! No bra. Blair keeps spanking, using Mary's bikini as a handle. Blair gets the pants off, puts Mary on a chair, and is having a lot of fun with this naked young lady.

When Mary is finished, Sandy is called in, wearing a slinky knit dress, her compact body pressing for release. After we have seen what happened to Mary, this is promising. She too goes over the desk for the same hard ruler. The dress is easy to roll up to get to her bottom. "Oh, that smarts."

Both girls are to be sent to the "boss." "Please, not the boss." The boss is the actor Anthony Lawton. Sandy keeps pulling her knit dress down--her bottom could easily peek out. To Mary: "We'll start with you." Over the desk, his handspanking is harder than Blair's ruler. He shows Blair how to do it harder; Blair takes Mary's panties down and Lawton demonstrates the efficacy of the hard glancing blow. Mary is then cornered, pants down.

Sandy is next and not too thrilled, given what she has just watched. "Are you ready?" "Uh, I guess so." After some spanking, he positions the two bare bottoms side by side. "Two's company." Both he and Blair spank them. Sort of silly, but the screen is filled with pink cheeks.

Lawton spanks them both OTK and characteristically deson't quite get it done. Too much talk. Sandy has to run off to the bathroom--what was this about? Poor Mary is the only available while we are waiting.

When Sandy returns she must pull off her dress. Those marvelous boobs are now free. Mary undresses too. This video is more about naked humiliation in the office than spanking. There is a general round of spanking, bare flesh everywhere. Some toe-touching is pleasing, making up somewhat for Lawton's soft touch.

At the conclusion, Lawton bends Miss Blair over the desk and asks if she remembers the old days at the office.

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