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Mollys Hundred

Directed by: "George"
Written by: " Mel"
Staring: Alison Payne as "Molly the Moll"
Biker John as "The Boss"
George as "Guiseppe"
Reviewed by: David Pierson

For some years now the British film industry has produced some of the best gangster dramas every made. Films such as " Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", " The Krays" and, most recently, "Sexy Beast" are compelling for their stark portrayal of life in the underworld.

" Molly's Hundred" fits comfortably within the context of those films. This video is unique in the annals of the spanking cinema. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first spanking video ever made using an organized crime theme as the context in which a punishment spanking could occur. In this excellent work by Moonglow North, the girlfriend of an underworld boss is punished severely when she is seen by one of his henchmen in the company of another man.

Upon her return home, Molly, the Boss's girlfriend is confronted by the dangerous and angry leader of the local mob. The Boss demanded to know the name of the "bloke" with whom Molly had spent the day. Knowing that giving the Boss the answer that he seeks would mean her lover's life, the gangster's moll feigns ignorance.

Angrily, the boss pulls the frightened Molly across his lap. "If your not going to tell me his name then I'm going to have beat it out of you." The boss exclaims as he initiates a hard hand spanking. He lifts Molly's lovely purple dress and begins her chastisement over her sexy panties. Each swat from the Boss is delivered with maximum force. As the boss's tattooed hand makes contact with Molly's bottom she shouts out and jumps from the pain. After several minutes of this painful punishment the Boss once again inquires of Molly, " Is there anything that you want to tell me?" Molly's only response was, " There's nothing to tell." The boss resumed the chastisement of his woman by spanking her with a nasty looking black paddle. After a few sharp swats with this paddle, the boss lowers the panties of his victim and continues the inquisition by spanking Molly's bare bottom with the aforementioned implement of pain. Each swat is applied with frightening intensity. Despite the severity of her punishment, Molly refused to divulge the name the Boss so desperately wanted to hear. After several minutes this punishment session concludes. The Boss noted that our Molly was fortunate that he had a luncheon engagement. He informs Molly that if she continues her obstinancy, she will receive one hundred strokes with the cane.

Upon his return, the Boss summoned Molly for the continuation of her punishment. She is forced to bend over a table that was specially designed for the task at hand. Before he initiates " Molly's Hundred" the Boss gave the stoic young woman one last chance to surrender the name of the man with whom she had her dalliance. Molly remained mum. Molly's caning was initiated over her panties. This was a punishment not for the faint of heart. The chastisement that Molly (Allison) received at the hands of this large burly man was extremely severe. She was made to count out each stroke after it had been delivered. After reaching the count of twenty-five the Boss forced Molly to remove all of her clothing. Now, completely naked, Molly was again forced to bend over the punishment table to receive further torment. In this position Molly's vagina and anus were on clear display. After receiving another twenty-fives stokes with the cane, Molly could hardly hold her position. Complaining of her incessant squiring around the Boss angrily fastened Molly's torso and legs to the punishment bench using leather restraints. After applying several more hard stokes to Molly's already excoriated bottom, the Boss had grown frustrated. He was certain that this young woman would never have been able to maintain her silence in the face of such excruciating pain. The now exasperated mob leader summoned in one of his henchmen named Guisseppe. He instructed his minion to proceed with the punishment. Guiseppe actually was more adept with the cane than was the Boss. With each stroke of the cane delivered by Guiseppe, Molly cried out in pain as her bottom jumped involuntarily. Over the next few minutes the Boss and his underling would take turns in beating Molly's naked bottom with the cane. Once the stoke count had reached one hundred, the Boss once again asked Molly to relinquish the name of the man with whom she had made love earlier that day. Tearfully, Molly noted that she had nothing to say. The boss approached his helpless victim menacingly. " We can do this all day girl", the Boss said. He then proceeded to strike Molly's bottom five times in rapid succession. At this point Molly shouted out for mercy. " It was Guiseppe... I was with Guiseppe!" Molly cried. With that Gusiseppe fled the room with the Boss in hot pursuit. At the conclusion of the video, as Molly was struggling to free herself from the punishment table, a single gunshot was heard in the distance.

" Molly's Hundred" is one terrific video. Its use of an organized crime motif was incredibly original. The video was well made and exceedingly erotic. This is another triumph for the creative team of Moonglow North.

Mollys Hundred

Reviewed by: RC

This video stars the well known Moonglow girl Alison (Liza Payne) and let me start by telling you that if you like severe videos then this is a video you should buy. The basic premise of the video is that a gangsters girlfirend (Alison) has been seen with another man and so the gangster proceeds to punish Alison until he can find out exactly who the other man was. The video starts out with a hard hand spanking over both knickers and on the bare and then a leather paddle is used for a while (about 40-50 strokes). Alison is the told if she dosent give the mans name she is going to be caned 100 times after lunch. Thankfully for us she dosent tell and the caning begins. This starts with about 25 stokes over knickers that were not protecting much anyway and then the rest on the bare with the last 60 or so being while she is tied down over a bench very similar to the one used in Rigid Easts Headmaster series. Alison in fact takes 105 strokes until she finally breaks down and gives the mans name. Nothing is faked here, Alison counts out each stroke and they are very hard. If anyone has seen Moonglows Tinas Ton Up, this is as severe. As usual with Moonglow there a quite a few face shots and this video really is up there with the best


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