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Mom's Knee

Starring: Shanelle Van Dyer
Guest Review by: Chelsea James

This is one non-stop spanking video. Shanelle got into some trouble at school, ok a lot. Dishonesty didn't work very well for her. In fact, it likely got her the hardest spanking of her young life. The Energizer Bunny has nothing on her mother. She just keeps spanking and spanking and spanking. Apart from being convinced she is a super-human spanking machine, it also helps that she is ambidextrous. Her right arm starts getting tired, no worries, she makes Shanelle stand up and lay across her lap the other way so she can continue with her left. After a very long hand spanking, Shanelle gets what has to be the longest hairbrushing in spanking video history. I didn't time it, but wow. Now one would think that just that alone would have young Shanelle making promise after promise to behave, but we have one willful young lady on our hands. The hairbrush is replaced by two leather paddles and then the hairbrush is once again picked up after she refuses to supply her mother with appropriate answers. Her mother, exasperated, sends her off to get ready for bed and to tidy her room. Rebellious Shanelle instead trashes her room and mutters that her mother is a fat cow. Big mistake! She should have checked to see if her mother was around before making such remarks. She soon finds herself back across her mother's knee getting her already red and sore bottom spanked again. Her mother makes her lie across the bed and conveniently finds a slipper on the floor and proceeds to wallop Shanelle's bottom with it. The spanking doesn't stop until Shanelle is a sobbing mess.

This video had me from the very beginning, but I just have to respect a spanking production company that plays Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz (check them out) as it roles the final credits. This video will not disappoint.

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