Mom Spanks Naughty Schoolgirl 1

7 minutes
Review by John O'Connell posted 10/22/10

The basic story is that pretty model Ashley has not been doing her school work and Mom has received too many calls about her lack of effort and behavior. It's time for her to act and show Ashley how this behavior is addressed. She looks adorable in her schoolgirl blazer and skirt. After a short scolding, she is pulled over Mom's knee where she raises her skirt revealing her fancy blue panties.

The panties only stay up for a couple of smacks as Mom wastes no time yanking them down after Ashley says she hates her. Ashley has a cute bottom and I'm glad the panties didn't stay up for long. The longer we get to see that cute rear end, the better. The production offers several camera angles during the spanking including a facial close up and a butt close up. The mom spanks steadily, rarely pausing. The dialoge is average for a spanking video, but doesn't get overly silly like some.

After being told she's a "bad mommy", Mom starts to spank a little harder and faster. This of course doesn't make Ashley happier with the situation. The legs start to kick a little more and the "Ows" are a little louder than they were before. Finally, Ashley is let up and is told to go do her homework, which she runs off quickly to do.

The video is pretty good. Out of the 7 minutes, a good 6 of it is solid spanking action. As I said, the mom rarely pauses. The video is available for download at the Spank Channel's clip for sale site and is moderately priced at $7.99. The WMV version is 141 MB and plays well at full screen on a 22 inch wide screen monitor. I enjoyed this video and think anyone that likes the schoolgirl genre would as well.

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