Miss Stricktland, Montrose Academy, and Strict Ladies


Site Status Update Feb 2010- All three Sites are still active and updating every week. I'm not really into F/M, so I'm not going to take out a membership for an updated review. Cost of membership is $25.00 USD for 30 days per site. I did not notice a special to sign up for all three sites at one time.

Miss Stricktland is a new F/M site that has recently entered the online world, while Strict Ladies and Montrose Academy have been around for a little while. Although the quantity is not equal to some of the sites that have been around for a good deal of time, the quality of the material makes up for it. I'm not really into the Male submissive thing, but seeing as there are those out there that do have an interest, it's only fair that I review them. Since all 3 of the above mentioned sites are owned by the same people, I've posted it all into one review.

Miss Stricktland has 2 sections. The updates and the film section. The updates currently consist of 5 scenarios that are broken down into segments. Each segment has thumb nailed high resolution photos as well as clips. The clips are a minute or two long and are of average size and quality. The film area consists of 6 longer length videos that last roughly 7 minutes or better. These are higher in quality and are higher in file size.

Strict Ladies is set up slightly different than Miss Stricktland. The selection gallery is by the punisher. Click on the femme fatale's name and you will be brought to the media that features that particular woman handing out the discipline. There are currently seven people to choose from. When brought into their area, you then have thumbnails that when clicked on, will bring you to roughly a 20-30 photo gallery. Under some of the thumbnails there is the link for a video clip that goes along with that particular series. Although I didn't take an exact count, there is a good deal of video clips to view, as well as a large amount of high resolution photos. The site updates every three days.

Montrose Academy is set up like a Boy's school. You can choose between School Discipline, Judicial Discipline, and Nurse's Station. In School Discipline, There are 3 pages of thumbnails that again, each lead to a gallery of photos. Many of these thumbnails have video clips also assigned to them. The Judicial Section has seven more severe punishment scenarios with the recipient being tied down and subjected to canes, rulers, and straps. There are four scenarios in the nurses section, all of which have the young lad being punished by a woman in medical attire.

All three of these sites are well done. As I said, I'm not really a F/M fan, so I don't have as much to say about these sites as I might have about others. However, if you do like seeing the man getting his just deserts, then you should give these sites a look.

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