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Mrs. McClusky's Discipline

49 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 3/5/10

Standard CalStar performance, filmed in that narrow paneled portraited room we think we have figured out; (1) it is very British 'hallowed halls'; (2) the confined space eliminates reverberations and outside noises; (3) the space lights well with minimum shadow; and (4) the necessarily channeled camera angle easily accomodates two bare bottoms in the same shot! This one is a lot of fun--two great bottoms to spank; we send our roused encouragement to Mrs. McClusky.

Two traveled blond schoolgirls discuss their upcoming confrontation with headmistress Mrs. McClusky about their being caught off-campus. It is to be a spanking and a caning. McClusky, a mature believable supervisor with a heavy Scottish accent, calls the girls in. They are conservatively dressed in white blouses, blue skirts, and white knee socks.

Marshall, her long hair bundled and reaching almost to her waist, is taken OTK first. A standard handspanking, her conventional white panties fit tightly over a solid feminine bottom. As the spanking continues, the two chat in normal tones about Marshall's misdemeanor. McClusky pulls the pants down. "Let's warm up this bottom before I cane it." We never tire of this ritual. Lovely angles of soaring solid buttocks fit for a thorough workout.

Marshall stands and bends over the desk, hobbled by her knickers. McClusky has laid out an array of paddles and a cane to choose from, lest Marshall have any doubt about what is in store. The oval paddle--tush full screen, perfect.

McClusky taunts with "Eeny, meeny, miny, mo," as she selects the next implement, a floppy paddle. Then the cane, and a moment infrequent in the CalStar lexicon. The first stroke is inaccurate, low and hard on the right thigh. "Oh my legs, not my leg!" The room is small--McClusky needs to perfect her backswing and aim. About 20 strokes are shown--several on the thighs are bright. "Oh, touched you a bit low there, didn't I?" , spoken in a clearly ad lib tone. Knickers up, a little painfully, Marshall leaves.

James is called in next--her phony story is compared to Marshall's. What's the difference--she knows where all this is headed. James is a shorter blonde and looks potentially explosive under her school kit. She is forced to admit she was told: "If we were bad again we were going to get caned."

OTK, white lacy panties and tattoos (both school violations); pants down, a huge tramp-stamp tattoo. we hope it is a decal! McClusky's pissed--James must stand and take off all her clothes. She is thin and hugely endowed--we need a moment to catch our breath here. McClusky gives her body a tattoo check, the respite we all need to take in this young lady! Back OTK for more vigorous handspanking. The camera view of this from above suggests vistas common at NuWest, and one of the nicest naked OTK spankings we have seen.

"Over the table [desk]. Spread your legs," for the paddle. "I don't think this is hard enough for you." Full swings with the floppy leather strap get some reaction from James and from us.

The cane--about 25 strokes. James goes dead quiet, so we assume there were repeats. Her bottom does not color up as fast as Marshall's. Elegant full-screen. McClusky kneels for an intimate look at the results and separates James' buttocks for a rather unprofessional inquiry.

Because this actress is a sort of Miss Universe, she dresses slowly on-screen, leaving her blouse for last, and forgetting her bra. After she is gone, McClusky calls her back and throws the bra at her.

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