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Anonymous Guest Review posted 7/18/09

At there is a clip download site called 'Ms Holly's Southeastern Woodshed'. I have purchased two of the little films avaiblable for download and have found them to be real treasures.

The first is called: 'Aunt Holly teaches niece Mandy a hard lesson'.

It is a fulldownload that runs 18 minutes, but is also quite pricey at 22$. All the films on the site are in quicktime format and are of excellent picture and sound quality.

'Aunt Holly' is an attractive brunette with long hair, who looks something like in her late twenties. What struck me about that woman was her dominant streak, that seams to pure out of every pore.

The little film starts with 'niece Mandy' relaxing on the bed, reading a book. Mandy is a slim, lightskinned girl, with black hair which she has arranged in two long tails. Her attire looks rather slutty. A mini-mini skirt, stockings with a thousand holes in them and incredibly ugly yellow boots.

'Aunt Holly' storms in and immediately starts to walk all over Mandy. The viewer is presented the setting for the spanking that will follow. 'Aunt Holly' had to get her niece from the police station, because the little rascal was out partying and getting herself picked up by the cops. The good aunt is seathing with rage. She offers the niece a choice: Call mother and get send to a boarding school, or get disciplined by auntie.

The actions starts with Holly taking Mandy over her knee for a pretty hard handspanking. Since Mandy's skirt doesn't cover even 10% of her bottom it's bare bottom right away. Holly seems a quite heavy handed Lady, since even her bare hand leaves Mandy's bottom not just red, but also bruised.

I found the chemistry between the two women extremely sexy. Holly gets more confident with every spank she delivers and Mandy becomes very submissive as she gets her spanking.

After 4 minutes Holly fetches a nice, sturdy wooden hairbrush, which does indeed look like a very painfull implement. The hairbrush is applied with considerable force to Mandy's bare bottom and at once leaves very nasty marks.

Mandy starts snivelling, then crying and constantly apologizes, while she curls herself up over Holly's lap. You can tell how much Holly actually enjoys pounding the other girls bottom, also tormenting her with comments on her tears and the sorry state of her bottom.

At minute 7 Mandy has to get naked. The crying, sobbing girls undresses, her humiliation is...well, terribly sexy. At least for people like me :)

The spanking continues all the way to minute 17. Not a constant spanking of course, short pauses, which Holly cleverly uses to rub her victims bottom und verbally reconfirm her authority. Something that was a big turn on, at least for me.

When the spanking ends, a now completely relaxed and confident Holly hugs the crying and shaking Mandy who promises over and over again to be a good girl.

The second video I purchased is called: 'Holly tears Myias's ass up with her hairbrush' What a promising title. Sadly it is not available as a fulldownload.

It stars Ms Holly and a sexy darkskinned girls named Myia. The setting: Holly catches Myia vandalizing Holly's car. She offers Myia a choice, get arrested by the police or get a darn good spanking. Since Myia is not a first-time offender she takes the spanking.

The spanking begins over her very tight jeans. Holly uses her trusted hairbrush right from the start. Myia doesnt seem to be used to getting spanked, she is clearly very much in pain, struggles quite a bit and has to bite in a pillow to keep from screaming loudly. Holly expertly keeps her in place by taking one of Myia's legs between her own legs and pinning Myia's wrist to her back.

Very sexy moment: Myia was smiling before and appearently beliefed she could take the spanking in a stride. That smile fades away rather quick, which leads to a lot of comments by Holly.

Only at the end of the second clip is Myia made to peel of her extremely tight jeans. She turns her pretty bottom to the camera, it is bright red and already bruised.

In clip three Myia has to kneel on the couch and bend over it's back. Holly makes her stick her bottom out and arch her back, what gives the viewer very revealing insights. Then Holly goes to work with a wooden spatula. Very soon Myia is crying very real tears. To give her a little break she has to strip completely.

Back over the couch Holly belabours the other girls bottom with a wooden bathbrush. Myia is almost screaming with each stroke and her pretty bottom is now severly bruised. Since she is unable to keep position, bottom stuck out and bach arched, Holly takes her back over the knee.

The spanking continues and Myia gets a very sexy lecture from Holly, who is 'happy' to see genuine tears streaming down the face. All Myia can do is nod and agree with Holly, while crying her eyes out and apologizing through her tears. Holly keeps whacking Myia's pretty bottom and mocking her through all of clip 4 and 5.

In clip 6 and 7 Holly tucks Myia under her arm and whacks her bottom with the bathbrush and later just her hand. A position that I always find pretty sexy. The video end pretty aprubtly. Maybe another video will be loaded up to conclude the story. Who knows.


Updated Review by John O'Connell 10/19/07

Since we tend to have something from this site every week in the news, I thought it was about time I took a closer look into the member area. The theme of the site is somewhat intriguing, have a women's prison that features detailed information on each inmate including sentence time and crime committed. The setting is very realistic with cells and beds that complete the atmosphere. Each inmate is dressed alike in their red dress style uniform with black panties.

I enjoy scenes that have a purpose to them with banter that is meaningful and not must meant to fill space. There is no short supply of that in this site as each scene is very entertaining beyond seeing pretty girls get spanked. The site layout is very nice, once again lending itself to a certain realism that makes you feel you are looking at an official prison website. There is a latest news section that seems to have gone by the wayside as it hasn't been updated in nearly a year. Must be one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time but then fell down the ladder of importance. There is a latest update section that gives you a description and quick link to what has been most recently added. I always like these pages, especially if you are a recurring member, as it makes it quick and easy to find what's new.

To access the content of the site, you have two choices. First you may search by inmate (or the Matron). This is a drop down menu of each inmate and when you click on that particular model's name, their page comes up with all the galleries and clips that they are featured in. The second way to access the files is by scene type. There are eight categories to chose from that include initial interviews, cell block, and solitary. For the review I'm going to choose Leia Ann Wood's page to outline how the inmate pages are formatted. When the page loads, the model's name is on the top with several small photos of her holding up her "number sign". Underneath the photos is a description of what her sentence is as well as several paragraphs of background information. An email address is listed for every inmate and the matron, so you can send them personal messages if you so desire. Beneath the contact line, the photo galleries in which Leia is in are listed. Each gallery contains approximately 30 800X600 photos all of which are thumbnailed for your convenience. For each scene, there usually are multiple galleries. For instance, in the scene titled Fight Club, there are 3 galleries total.

Following the galleries is the video selections. You can choose to play the clip as a streaming video or download a higher resolution clip to your hard drive. Newer videos have a screen size of 720 x 576 and a bit rate of 996 kbps. Older ones are 352 x 288 with a bit rate of 691 kbps. Many scenes are split into several parts and there is no single file option after all parts are loaded to the site. There is also a video capture section following the videos that provides more photos at a lower resolution that were taken directly from the videos themselves.

At first I wasn't sure if the prison theme would really suit me, but the site grew on me before long. There is a vast amount of content for a site that's been online for less than 2 years and I like the fact that they have upgraded their video encoding system to provide a larger screen size. The feel of the site is pretty authentic with many great scenes and scenarios. Plus they also have some pretty good looking models to boot. The site offers a decent preview page that gives you a good idea of what kind of material you'll see in the member area as well as a free preview clip. At 29.95 per month, the price is about average for a monthly website membership these days.

Guest Review by Adele Haze 3/28/06

"Bars and Stripes" is a fairly new player on the spanking market, but they have a strong, original voice - and content to match. On our snoop around the premises we have found user-friendly design, hundreds of high-resolution photos, hours of video footage - and heaps of attitude, on the basis of which we can predict a bright future and a place among the big players on the spanking market for this website.

The reviewer cannot claim expertise in the technical side of the production, but we know a clear picture with vibrant colours when we see them. Each video can be viewed online or downloaded for future use. The videos are accompanied by galleries of large, high-quality stills. They are shot using two cameras, and edited to give a facial and a rear view. (Full facial footage is available as a bonus with some videos.)

The site has several features that make it stand out sharply among the others.

Theme - All the materials on B&S revolve around a women's prison with a particularly strict regime. There are established rules and routines for the prisoners to follow, and severe consequences for their breaking. What spanko hasn't watched prison flicks like "The Shawshank Redemption" or "Fortress", fantasizing about remaking it with girls and whippings? Well, "Bars and Stripes" is it: a prison-fantasy paradise. There are also some clips set in the prisoners' past, which is a nice touch and a welcome diversion.

Storylines - The best feature of B&S is that it's structured much like a TV-show: there is an overall plot with many subplots weaved around it, involving a number of distinctive characters, both prisoners and staff. At the centre of the plot there is one Leia-Ann Woods (who is also a creative force behind the production), serving a term for masterminding her criminal husband's Charlie's shady activities. It's Leia-Ann's task to survive without bowing down to the regime, while the guards need to get evidence that would fuel the case against Charlie himself. Members' section includes Leia-Ann's prison diary, updated every few weeks. The subplots revolve around the adventures of the other prisoners. Our favourite stories so far have involved Dublin O'Brien, a prisoner on a mission, and the general mayhem resulting from Leia-Ann's seduction of young Rhiannon. For people with an attention span of more than five minutes, the presence of these storylines is a blessing. Folks who care for nothing but pure action should be happy too: in every clip the action starts right-away, with lengthy build-up only when it also involves some eye candy (Michele's bath, Leia and Rhiannon's kissing and groping, Zena's masturbation session.)

Characters - each model plays only one character throughout; this concerns both prisoners and staff. The girls have personal pages with mug shots, biographies and links to all of the videos and photosets they are in. They have their stories, and act accordingly: are some bold, some timid, and all of them in for more than they'd bargained for. The star among the staff is the prison's Matron (Lucy McLean): a vicious, venomous demon of a woman who revels in bossing the girls around. Even the staff bow to her authority. ("I will throw you to Matron" threatens the Governor (Michael Stamp) when Mrs. Woods gives him cheek: a threat to make even the reviewer quake.) The Governor himself appears in fewer clips than his officers, remaining a sinister behind-the-scenes menace, but he is responsible for the day-to-day running of the establishment and communicating with site members. Our favourite officers are Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Lewis; we hope to see more of both evil bastards (sorry, we mean - gentlemen).

Attention to Detail - "Bars and Stripes" is clearly a labour of love; the quality of spanking material is enhanced with great costumes and sets. Attentive viewers will notice a carefully labelled filing cabinet in the intake office, which blew the reviewer away. More visible details are just as impressive: specially produced prisoners' outfits (short red shifts worn with white socks and black shoes); guards' uniforms (which make for rather dashing guards); the impressive metal bunk bed in the cell set; laminated staff ID cards - all these are the things the producers *could have* got away without acquiring, but their presence makes the final product this much better. A mood-enhancing, gloomy theme tune complements all the action, and has been known to haunt the reviewer after the credits had rolled.

There are several nice touches in the members' section, such as the Governor's weekly letter to the site members, a "suggestion box" for you to drop your ideas in, an address for you to write to the inmates, Matron or the Gov. The material can be sorted by type (such as "intake", "solitary", "life before prison" etc), or by the girl. If we were to express any wishes, it would be that the guards get their own pages as well, for the benefit of female fans; as it is, Matron is the only member of staff whose videos are accessible from one page. (There is probably a good reason for that; undoubtedly, Matron is the most popular of them all.)

The site is not without a flaw, namely, that some of the materials are posted out of sequence: for example, stills can be posted before the video they belong to, or some of the character's photos or videos come up before her intake footage does. We are prepared to be forgiving of this while the site is finding its feet and working out what form of presentation works best.

All in all, we are in love with "Bars and Stripes", particularly because it so clearly works both for men and women. The punishments are firm, but not excessively severe, and there is a nice variety of action and situations. Our favourite videos are "Jailbirds", "Coup de Grass", the Dublin storyline - plus anything with Matron in it.

(And yes, the reviewer is hoping to end up in that prison in the near future.)

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