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My Barn, My Rules

Nu-West (2003)
Directed and Produced by Ed Lee
Running Time 26 minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted 3/4/11

Founder Mr. Ed Lee on the scene as witness in a metal prefab horse barn, the set of other movies employing the whip, and most likely near NW headquaters in southern California. Three girls labor in horse corrals on the property--the wind rattles the microphones. The girls accoust Ed about this miserable work--they thought they would be horse riding, and he points out stall mucking is in their contracts. They complain about the bitchy Mistress Deborah, who walks in, overhears, and takes charge.

Jackie, blond and the loudest mouth, is dragged by the ear to a wall sign: MY BARN, MY RULES. Deborah: "You take your shirt off. You're going to get a whipping." Sassy Jackie is submissive in the face of brazen Deborah. "My bra too?"

Ed is just a spectator in this forum; he fastens topless Jackie to two posts by leather bonds, arms pulled wide and high. Deborah strides down the barn--all powerfu body, tight jodphurs, and boots made for stomping, to retrieve the bullwhip. She expertly whips Jackie's bare back. The action is filmed (and repeated) from various angles, exciting, vivid, professional, and erotic. Jackie has large, hard, enhanced boobs, a/k/a knockers, which jiggle under the strokes. "Because you have been so naughty, I"m going to whip your ass too." Deborah unfastens and tugs down her tight eye-catching jodphurs, bares her high-style Nu West quality bottom, then whips it to a fare-thee-well. Jackie twitches in pain, spread between the posts--the other girls watch in apprehension. We covet the pants-down portions of NW's Leda films.

Bridget, a solid , musclar type, is called forth next. "Off with your sweater, now." She wears no bra. Ed ties her to the support poles--the fastening is an essential component. The whipping is the same. Some of Deborah's strokes finish by ringing against the metal poles. Bridget's pants come down--an athletic solid bottom and firm thighs,a joy to watch take their medicine.

Blond Jody is last, more wiry and frazzled in appearance, not the stalwart cowgirl. "You're next, get that shirt off." When her pants are dragged down, she displays the best bottom of the three, but we are not complaining.

Acting is generally awful, but the sexual tension is huge. Whippings are exciting but not completely authentic, because Deborah could have cut the girls to ribbons. We have always admired Nu West's erotic realism without the brutality and encourage you not to fuss the details. And of course the fantasy scenaros are legion--who can ever look at a tight-jeaned bottom of a prissy horsewoman without imagining a scene such as in this barn today?

First Review by Ronald Scott

This video, a sequel to Nu-West's Drop Those Breeches, features a strong no-nonsense woman whipping three rebellious female employees at her ranch. All the whipped girls are cute but one is truly exceptional. The video and sound quality on the DVD are right up with current standards and light years better than the early Nu-West releases.

As this title opens we see a beautiful western ranch with mountains in the background and three women working outside. Ed Lee arrives and enters the barn which is quite new. The three women walk as a group up to Ed and the leader, a strawberry blond, complains that they signed on to ride, not do maintenance. Soon Debra, the boss, arrives. Meanwhile the ringleader tells Ed she wants to settle things with "that bitch". Debra, overhearing this, slaps the strawberry blond across the face. Debra then drags her by the ear to see a posted sign reading "My Barn, My Rules", and tells her she will get a whipping.

Ed ties the girl's arms apart and removes her blouse. She has a very cute face and a great figure. The quick transition from open rebellion to subservience lacks credibility; on the other hand the girl is so stunning stripped to the waist, that I'm not sure I care. Debra returns with a long bull-whip and begins whipping the girl across her back. The sound of the girl's cries combined with her beautiful face is most erotic and the whip marks begin to accumulate. The whipping is moderate, not severe, with marks similar to a caning.

The close-ups of the girl from the waist up during the whipping are great, especially when we see Debra's face in the background sometimes smiling as she lands a good one. At one point Debra angrily warns "Don't you ever call me "bitch" again !". After about 20 lashes she pulls the girl's riding pants down and whips her ass for good measure.

Next the 2nd girl, Brigitte, a brunette with a cute face, is stripped to the waist and tied up with her hands stretched out to the sides by Ed. My pulse quickened when the camera shifted to a front view of her breasts and her anguished face as the whip welts land. However, the lighting in all three girl's front views is too bright and you will want to adjust the brightness down on your TV. Debra says little but her anger at the rebellious girls is always evident.

Finally, the 3rd girl, a blond, is whipped. The hi-light is a tight close-up of her suffering face with the sound of the bullwhip snapping in the background.

If you have a taste for moderate but lengthy whippings instead of canings of three cute girls by a convincing angry dominant woman, you will enjoy this video. I give it a 9 out of 10 and think it is one of the best recent Nu-West releases.

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