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Nina Birch, My Fantasies Volume #2

Impressing the Boss
Written and Directed by Nina Birch
Starring: Nina Birch
Rachel Lloyd
Martin Hayes as "the boss"
Running Time: Approximately 74 minutes

Second Review by Mars posted 11/20/09

Actresses Nina Birch and Rachel Lloyd play out the fantasy of being punished in your office by your boss. There are many erotic versions of this theme, where young ladies wrestle with the big choice, when confronted with their tardiness, incompetence, or disrespect. One of our favorites is CalStar's "Railway Office Spankings."

The Boss here confronts Rachel and Nina in an office, the set for which is no more than a folding table/desk in an open room. Both girls are competing for what they think is one glamorous job in New York. The Boss is going to take advantage of his leverage to see how far they are prepared to go to get the job. In fact, we hear in a phone call that the Boss has two jobs in New York and that he is just going to have his fun with them. He will achieve that, we hope you'll agree.

The girls have seen his spanking magazines about and know he fancies girls' bottoms. To decide "which of you is most committed, he suggests "a method I have used before...a CP session." The girls grudgingly admit they know what that is and agree to proceed. Trap set, cage door open.

The Boss feels their bottoms--the girls are beautifully dressed with typical Marchmont detail as if they were actually interviewing, rather than some tarty office outfits seen elsewhere. He gently bends Nina over his desk and works his hand upskirt between her thighs. Same feel for Rachel, then jackets off.

Nina is first OTK, a slow erotic fondling and handspanking. The Boss is going to drag this out. Skirt up, black panties, Nina gets sweet facials from the camera, here and throughout. This is just a preliminary, a reconnaissance. Rachel is next OTK, the same exploration.

The Boss steps out of the room and the girls check the state of each other's bottoms and unbutton each other's blouses to check breasts. The Boss returns and is delighted with their progress and asks them to take off those blouses.

Side-by-side over the desk, skirts bunched up at their waists, the Boss slaps their bottoms with a leather "slipper," a chunk of sole-shaped hide manufactured just for human bottoms. The slipper--it's an effective little devil, rings loud and both girls yelp. "Oh, that really stings," says Nina.

The Boss directs Nina to slipper Rachel. "If you hold back it will reflect." They switch. Nina's bottom is pleasingly red and we applaud her skill at facing the camera as she is spanked.

Next, what? "The strap, sir." Nina is first to bend over. the Boss gets a leisurely frig in before he starts. Rachel switches. The Boss keeps up light conversation with these two mostly naked girls who are gradually getting a major workout. Even under this pressure these British girls can construct sentences as if they were in the British Museum, as opposed to the trash talk we hear during American paddlings.

Both girls agree to take off their rolled up skirts, then their panties, providing a leisurely frontal pose. Rachel straps Nina, then the Boss and Nina each take a cheek and handspank Rachel. Such a melee this is. Next--this must have stung, she gets the strap on one side and the slipper on the other.

The Boss picks up the cane and the girls know he is reaching the moment of decision. Nina goes over first. "The amount of strokes you take directly affects whether you get the position." Nina gasps and moans through almost 30 strokes. Great closeups, no repeats, loud echoing cries, and lines you can count. At about 27, Rachel wants to reprieve her. "She's proved her worth."

Rachel takes her place. Her strokes are much faster for some reason, but just a difficult. The Boss compares his two prizes at the conclusion and says he needs a few days to "think it over." They are both going to get the New York jobs. Returning to London for sales meetings will be interesting.

First Review by Katrina

Nina Birch is one of the founding members of the society. She is a complex lady of charm, wit and grace who has a deviously dirty mind. This film shows the second part of her fantasies and perhaps a small glimpse into her character. This film contains only one title, "Impressing the Boss."

The film opens with the boss, who after reading a magazine, (Chelsea Pfeiffer's 'Good Spanking' magazine to be precise.) calls his business associate in New York. He must make a decision to send one of the assistants to the States for the position. It would mean more money and a higher position. Meanwhile, both candidates for the job are in the break room, dealing with the important issues of the day, their nails. They are discussing the position when they are summoned to his office.

He explains that he can send only one person and must make a decision. He needs someone who can show a deep commitment to the job. He has used a method before which obtained "good results" in deciding which candidate is better. That is a "C.P. session". He goes on to explain that no one is obliged to go through it, but if they don't it will reflect badly on their career. Needless to say, both women agree to the session. They both want the job.

He asks both to remove their jackets. He then takes the chair to the middle of the room and positions Nina over his lap. After a bit of rubbing, he starts out slowly to spank her in a very sensual manner. This is, after all, Nina's fantasy. The spanking continues with a great deal more rubbing, punctuated with an occasional forceful slap to Nina's hind quarter. Then he starts to feel between her legs. This is turning into a very hot fantasy video. When it is appropriate, he slowly peels her skirt up and reveals her panties and bottom. The cheeks are beginning to show some color. He continues to rub and occasionally swat her bottom; and feeling between her legs when it is appropriate for a few moments more. By the time that she is let up, Nina should no longer be dry.

Next it is Rachel's turn. Rachel gets the same treatment as Nina; a great deal of rubbing, a little slow slapping and a little "feeling between the legs." First it is done over the skirt, but the skirt is also raised and the panties are slapped. When the boss goes, the two ladies begin to rub their stinging bottoms and examine each other's results. At this point, they start to open each other's blouses. We are then treated to a little soft stroking of each others breasts. This is turning into a very hot "good girl" type of spanking video.

When the boss returns with his implements, he suggests that the two remove their blouses. When the blouses are removed, he positions both, side by side, over his desk and starts to use his hand a bit more forcibly against their bottoms. Each girl lurches forward when their bottom stops his hand. This time, the bottoms wiggle and jerk as he strikes them. Both are beginning to complain in pain as their bottoms are taking on a deep rosy red color.

He picks up a leather "slipper" type paddle and asks if the ladies are familiar with the paddle. He gets no answer as he starts to slap their bottoms with the paddle. With the paddle, the time for "fun and games" type spanking is over. However, as far as paddling spankings go, this one has a great deal of rubbing as well.

Now, the boss wants to see how Nina would behave on her own. He hands her the paddle and instructs her to spank Rachel. Rachel bends back over the desk and Nina starts to paddle her behind. Nina is fairly proficient with that paddle as Rachel's back arches and her facial responses indicate when the paddle strikes.

Fair is fair. Now it is Rachel's turn to wield the paddle on Nina's rear end. Rachel is also able to swing the paddle well. Nina's reaction to the paddle is similar to Rachel's. Her back straightens and her shoulders rise a bit with each paddle strike. The paddle is indeed registering on Nina's mind. The rubbing that Rachel does between the paddle swats is also having an effect on her mind.

There is no winner with the small paddle. Now it is time to try a different implement. The boss picks up a larger leather paddle. This one is long and slender. He instructs Nina to bend back over the desk and starts to rub her bottom. Soon, he raises the paddle and brings it down on her backside. Nina reacts by straightening her back and crying "Ow." He goes back to rubbing and is soon rubbing between her legs. The paddling continues with more rubbing between each stroke. By now, Nina's mind should be having problems telling pain from pleasure. All this while, her bottom is red and fully flush.

When Rachel exchanges places with Nina over the desk, we can tell that Rachel's bottom has lost most of the red color that it had only a few moments before. Rachel has been spanked recently to have recovered in only a few moments. It does not take very long for her bottom to resume its flushed red condition however. The paddle does a pretty good job because he does not rub as much as he did with Nina.

When he finishes paddling Rachel's bottom, he explains that their performance is quite inspiring but he still can not make up his mind who to send to America. He asks both to remove their bra. Nina does. Rachel can not. Still, both remove their skirts and panties. He hands the paddle to Rachel and Nina again resumes her position over his desk. Rachel starts to wield the paddle and Nina starts to cry "Ow". There is more rubbing but it's not until the boss starts to rub her clitoris that she starts to react to the pleasure. By now, there is no doubt that both ladies are "wet" down there. Rachel eventually resumes the paddling with a faster pace.

When it is Rachel's turn, both the boss and Nina double-team it on Rachel's bottom. They use their hands; each one taking a cheek, alternating slaps. Rachel's bottom bounces up and down with the slaps. You can see some evidence of bruising from the paddle before, but that too shall heal. Forget Rachel. It is very erotic for me to watch her bottom, on a close up, quiver and shake to the pair of hands striking it. After a few moments, the boss picks up the larger black paddle and Nina the smaller "slipper" paddle. They start to use them on Rachel's bottom; again alternating. This time, she is beginning to retreat from the paddle, collapsing in toward the table in an effort to clench her bottom cheeks to the paddle. By the time that both have quit, Rachel's bottom has still not returned to its fully flushed red state.

When Rachel's session of pain is over, the boss sits down in his chair as the two ladies start to touch and fondle each other's bodies. When Nina finally reaches Rachel's clitoris, Rachel's breathing slows and becomes very deep. It is obvious that this is pleasurable to her. They fondle each other's breasts, Nina's out in the open; Rachel's are still hidden behind the bra. By the time that the two have finished, I am not sure that I can take much more of this video.

The boss finally gets up and states that the next implement will be the cane. Nina is to be first again. The next scene is one that I have never seen before. Rachel sits on the edge of the desk, her legs together. Nina buries her face between Rachel's breasts and puts her hands flat on the desk. She steps back and arches her back to stick her bottom out for the cane. Rachel embraces Nina's head. The boss goes on to explain that Nina can stop the caning at any time. The number of strokes that she takes will determine who gets the job.

As Rachel continues to fondle Nina and rub her back and arms, the boss starts to bring the cane down on Nina's bottom. Still the cane hurts. Nina still cries in pain by the second stroke. The strokes are delivered slowly; allowing the pain to rebound and deliver their full effect. Rachel's rubbing and the cane must be doing a major number on Nina's mind by this time. Even the boss gets in a bit of rubbing. He rubs his favorite spot between her legs while he waits for Nina to calm down between strokes. He asks if Nina wants to continue after the first dozen strokes are delivered. She says "Yes, Sir." In short order, Nina's bottom has a mess of cane stroke marks. I doubt by this time that she is experiencing anything but the pain. Well, it was nice. Now it is just a determination of will to see how many strokes she can take. Her bottom now has deep bruises from the cane that are turning blue. Finally, after about twenty seven strokes, Nina calls a halt to the caning. Her bottom is very sore. She has reached her limit.

Rachel and Nina exchange places, with Rachel sticking her bottom out for the cane this time. She must one more than Nina to "win". Rachel's bottom reacts differently to the cane than Nina's. She shows the cane marks from the start. You can tell the first two strokes as they are emblazed on her bottom in all of its graphic detail. She shifts here weight from leg to leg in an effort to massage the bottom muscles. Her facial reaction is one of directly pain as she clenches her eyes shut and buries her head down into Nina's chest.

By the time that the caning is over, he has the two bend over the desk for a little inspection and rubbing of two very sore fannies. He announces that both did very well and he would announce the person for the position in a few days. The video ends as the two ladies gather their clothes and leave.

In order to summarize the video, I have only one piece of advice and a caution. Watch this video only when it is cold outside. You won't need the central heater either. It is hot enough. Or, perhaps more to the point, it makes me hot enough. This is definitely a lady's fantasy video. Sure, there is enough spanking for you guys, but it is done in a manner that is not "let's beat the poor ladies bottom until it is sore and red." It is done in a manner that is designed to confuse the mind into not knowing the difference between pain and pleasure.

Guys, if you want your lady partner wet, you can't go much better than this. Well, you probably should skip the caning unless she wants the cane. However, the hand spanking is almost a beginner's guide to how to entice and excite a bottom.

I have found a perfect spot for keeping this video. It is to be stored right next to my vibrator; for use on those cold winter nights when I don't have my man next to me. What am I saying? I plan to show this video to him and whisper in his ear "Ooow, honey, do it to me" as I roll over into position, bottom up.

Note: Rachel Lloyd has appeared in other videos under the name "Caroline Davis."

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