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Naughty Girls Collection

Directed by: Lucy Bailey
Staring: Lucy Bailey
Karl Stevens
Rebekah Jordan
Review by Ronald Scott

Office Discipline (Part 1) (25 minutes)

As the video opens, a cute blond (a very young Lucy Bailey) stands stiffly before an attractive black-haired office manager. Nothing is said. As the office manager fetches the cane, Lucy looks submissively downward. She is placed over a desk, her skirt is raised, and Lucy puts her head down despondently. She has trouble with each cane lash and tries to rub her bottom to relieve the sting. The rear view during most of the caning shows Miss Baileys very cane-able ass to nice advantage.

After 10 strokes, the manager stands Lucy up and upbraids her for not taking messages and being too eager to talk with her boyfriend when at work. And she reminds Lucy that she told her before being hired how she disciplines office staff. The office manager, who gives an excellent performance, shows a righteous and very English sense of outrage toward the wayward secretary.

She then turns her over her lap for a long hard spanking. Lucy complains that it's not fair as she was already caned. Lucy reacts to each blow with a small "ow"; from time to time she whimpers which is a nice turn-on. The manager has nice pacing, slow enough to heighten Lucy's tense anticipation but not so slow as to diffuse the action. She hits really hard and after each blow turns to see the young girl's reaction.

However, the office style lighting is too bright and contrasty; as a result Lucy's face from certain angles is somewhat in shadow. Also the inclusion of more face close-ups would have further enhanced this production.

Lucy complains again that it's hurting. The manager responds by having her remove her skirt revealing more of her sexy figure. There is a nice front view of poor Lucy in her sexy lace panties looking soooo unhappy. The manager then paddles the unfortunate girl. The paddling scene is somewhat repetitious and less interesting than the preceding ones.

Finally she trades the paddle for the cane and has Lucy remove her blouse. Having Lucy lean forward over the desk in just her bra and panties fully reveals here wonderful teen-age figure. And there is an erotic face close-up of Lucy suffering with every blow.

Finally she twirls Lucy nicely after the caning to good effect. I thoroughly enjoyed " Office Discipline #1" for the combination of an excellent and attractive female dominant and sexy young Lucy Bailey. This is my favorite segment in this production. It is worth the price of admission by itself.

Spoilt Wife (Part 2) (30 minutes)
From Fantasies Unlimited

We first see the husband upbraiding his wife (the very cute model, Rebekah Jordan) because she caused the accident that damaged their car. He says it's the "last straw". He first paddles her and then canes her over her jeans. She cries after each blow of the paddle. The close-up of her bottom while bending over in her skin-tight jeans is extremely sexy.

The husband then forces her to strip revealing a beautiful body (but a couple of tattoos in the wrong places reduce the effect a bit for this viewer). He places her over a pillow on the bed for the strap and twelve strokes of the cane. The repeated view of her slim naked body draped over the pillow is extremely erotic. Close-up of her finger clutching the sheets after the first stroke of the cane, combined with her sobbing adds a nice touch.

The Price of Truancy (23 minutes)
From Fantasies Unlimited

As this story opens, we see a blonde schoolgirl standing before the Headmaster of an exclusive English public school. She is accused by the Headmaster of truancy.

The professor states the evidence for her truancy from school, while the cute, petite blonde stands stiffly with her hands clasped at her waist. She wears a navy blue gym slip and white blouse throughout the production. The Headmaster initiates the young girl's chastisement by giving her six hard blows of the tawse on the palms of her hands. This nearly brings her to tears. The Headmaster then gave the pretty schoolgirl a long bare bottom spanking. She couldn't have been more mortified as she was required to lift her gym slip and lower her regulation navy blue school knickers. At the conclusion of her spanking, the schoolgirl with the red bottom was informed that she was to return at the conclusion of the school day on Friday afternoon for twelve hard stokes with the cane. On Friday afternoon, the young woman returned to the Headmaster's Office as instructed. Soon, she was once again instructed to lower her knickers. She was required to place her hands on a nearby chair and twelve hard stokes of the cane were administered as promised. The pretty blonde had a great deal of difficulty in maintaining her position during her chastisement with the cane. This young lady will do much standing over the upcoming weekend.

This review was edited by David Pierson

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