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Naughty Lodger

29 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/28/11

Film title reads "Naughty Loger," which tips us off to the quality to follow. A simple one-scene spanking session between a brunette and her girlfirend. Karen runs away from an abusive boyfriend and hides out with her friend, who agrees but is wary. "No drugs."

Karen instantly lights up marijuana and is discovered. "You know what you need, a good spanking." Sounds good, and would solve a lot of the world's problems. Karen is handspanked on her white skirt, then on panties, then on the bare. Kneeling on a couch, jewels on display, for more.

But not enough, in a new scene she is caught smoking again; her friend has an armload of spanking implements to deal with this time. Up on the couch again, a flat wooden kitchen stirrer makes a nice splat. Next a razor strop--Karen doesn't protest when her knickers come off again--what argument could she have?

Karen kneels length-wise on the couch for more strapping. The camera angle is fortuitously perfect, catching her bottom and her face. Her friend uses a leather flogger vertically on her buttocks, followed by a floppy studded strap, and last some teasing with a palmprint flogger.

In this film, they tried something a tad different--Karen stands without her pants on the couch, hands on the wall, but her bottom is a little too high for proper smacking, so she climbs down and is spanked in various postures.

The cane concludes, at least 25 strokes we counted, sort of lost tally, lots of real tears, repeats, an effective conclusion to a disorganized punishment.

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